Saturday, May 9, 2015

Everything is not always as it seems

I love this time of year.
I love opening up the windows and letting the breeze join us on the inside.
 I love the  blooming trees and flowers and how The sun is warming up the dirt and I am plowing through it like a child in a sandbox.
The smell of freshly cut hay and grass sends me to another time and place when I was just a girl.

I was never a farm girl but I did grow up on a country road without a television, Ipad or Smart Phone, so the great outdoors always has been my friend and I have never outgrown it.

Digging in the dirt is like therapy to me. My creative juices start to flow and I have all kinds of ideas about where I want to move that now overgrown perennial or how I could make gardening seem like fun even in July when it's hot, hard work.
So you would think by now I would have gardening things figured out. I ask a lot of questions to other gardeners and have picked up tips though the years but I still have a lot to learn.

Last year I bought a small azalea bush. I was so excited to get it in the ground and watch it grow.
But this spring while everything else was greening up around that bush, there was no sign of azalea life happening.
I have been eyeing it daily for about a month and decided last weekend to start wrapping my mind around the fact that I was going to have to dig it up and replace it. Stink.
It not only had cost me money but I had high hopes for that little bush.
I had strategically placed it so the beautiful blooms would be seen up front and center.
I was inwardly grieving my little bush.

And then this morning as I was working out in my flower bed I looked over and saw this.

That's right tiny green buds are peeking though.
There is hope for this little budding bush after all!!

Everything was not as it seemed.
I thought it was dead. From every appearance it was showing me death... but underneath there was life!
Things were happening even though I couldn't see it.

God used that little bush to remind me of this...

You can still Hope When all looks Hopeless.

Just like my dead looking bush sometimes we view our situation to be hopeless, lost, dead, over.
We may wonder what's the point of hope, or prayer, or optimism.
It may even take us down a road of cynicism, anxiety or depression.

The temptation I often have is to sweep it away or try to fix the problem, then we can all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya"!
 But the older I get the more I realize there are tons of things that I can never fix. And sweeping it away often makes me miss the opportunities for deep growth in the pain.(recognizing my issues is at least a start right?)

Whether it's the death of a dream, a relationship or a vision, sometimes we are ready to just cut our losses and move on but in our haste to get past the dead or the pain we remove the bush too quickly instead of waiting for the healing and new growth that can take place inside.

We forget that in the waiting God is doing something underneath. 
A greater work that no one may be able to see and perhaps we may not even recognize is happening until all of a sudden one day we wake up and we see some green shoots springing forth.

My hope for you and I as we travel this road is that we can truly learn to trust and wait on the one who gives hope to the hopeless, strength to the weary, sight to the blind, healing for the broken, and new life to the dead.

Today Maybe you need this reminder along with me,

I will Keep waiting in eager expectation, continuing to hope and pray for that day when life will shoot forth from the dead, The old will pass away and a new day will come.

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  1. Thanks for posting! This really spoke to my heart today. I have been in a season of wanting to brush past the pain instead of allowing God to heal my heart. You are a beautifully honest inspiration to me, as always.


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