Friday, March 20, 2015


When my children were little we read many books. They each had a favorite and we would read it over and over and over again. In fact they memorized that favorite book of theirs so they could "read" it back to us.
One of those favorites was "God made me Special".

The book speaks of our thumb prints and how amazing it is that everybody has a unique print.
I loved this book for one reason in particular....because I have an agenda like most parents do.
It's no big secret because I say phrases often like this to them.
"You are super special". "Above Average". "A star to me". "Called with a particular purpose". "Designed uniquely". "I'm so glad I get to be your mom". "I believe in you".
I say it with complete honesty! I am biased about my own. I am not afraid to admit it.

I have never told them... "You are pretty much just average. Don't worry about doing your best. Or, I want you to just be like everyone else".

I want them to be raised with the understanding that I believe they have purpose, significance,  and meaning.

However, In raising them one of the phrases I often hear back is...
"But mom, Everyone else is doing it, has it, goes there, wears that, says that"...

And I respond with...
Who here wants to be average?
Just like everyone else.

No way!
We all want significance. We want to know we matter. Even if it's just to one other person, like our mom or our "significant" other.

It's in the heart of every man, woman and child.

Recently In my prayers I was calling out to my maker to change me. To heal my heart. To remove the cancer in me of the wound that plagues me. I think its all healed up and then someone or something bumps it and WOW it opens up and I need to deal with it again.
In that prayer I asked him if he thinks I'm significant.
And I so clearly heard his voice respond to my heart.

"Rose, Do you think I'm significant"?

I said, "well yes of course I do".
And he replied (not audibly but in my heart)
"Then let's dwell on that".

All the lights in the room came on for me.
In order to heal and feel like we are worthy, we need to dwell less on our own significance and More on his. He doesn't tell me to dwell on his significance because he's arrogant, he has me do it because he knows it's what brings lasting significance.

If you are his you aren't average.
Did you know you have a heavenly parent who is biased about his own as well?
He stands in heaven saying, "See that one? That's my son. My daughter."

You are chosen.

But if our focus is on what we don't have. What someone else has or How we must be better in order to be significant we will never be enough! Not ever enough.

Significance comes when we dwell on  who he is and what he can do in and through us.
In order to do this I have to know him.
To immerse myself in him. To spend time with him reading about who he is.

Whatever is wise in me is  from him.

Whatever love I have for someone who has been unkind is totally him.
Whatever Grace I have to offer comes only because I have accepted his grace for me.
Whatever gift I have received is not mine alone.

When you see these things it is he who should receive credit.
He is the significant one.
And as he chooses to use this heart of clay I give him honor.

Trusting and knowing His significance is The key to feeling our own significance.

If you have a moment take time to turn on the music on the link below and spend time asking your Father to fill you with the power and knowledge of who he is as you worship him.

I have prayed over the reader of this post that He would fill you with significance as you see him for who he is.

The King of Kings longs for you to make him Significant in your own life and then out of that  let him flow and move and be seen in order that many more would put their trust in the only one who can give true Significance.

Our Focus becomes more on the potter and less on the clay.

He  is Significant and sufficient for me.
I will dwell on that today.

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