Friday, July 11, 2014

Life in motion

Since spring break we have been living life in motion.

Jason and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a short weekend get away while the kids visited Grandma and Grandpa in Florida.

Fishing with Grandpa was a highlight!
And of course the ocean is always a plus!

And swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool at the club house.

My two Sweeties all glammed up.

And Cracker Barrel is a must on long trips like this. (I'm wondering what Jalen is sticking down his shirt...or maybe his hand was just cold)
Malaina went to Prom this year and we got to serve the dinner to her party.

 The Princess and her Daddy

Sweet Kisses... Sweet Memories of this precious girl as she grew into this lovely lady.

She was whisked away in small car to a beautiful ball room by this handsome guy.

And then the princess turned into a prom queen.

(happy sigh and applause :))

This Month she also  Received some pretty big news about some pretty amazing scholarships for all her hard work.
She wonders how life could get any better.?

Jalen was in his school play. And made us laugh and wonder if he has a future in theater.

 With his cousin Cory.

And the whole cast. Notice my charming son is sneaking his arm around the girl he chased through the entire play. He's a lot like his dad;)

I planted my garden. And Painted the shed... Which made my heart happy.

I wait as things start to emerge... checking daily.
(update on the garden... It's actually looking quite pale. I am hoping its just the fact that it's a first year garden and next year the soil will be much richer and less buggy)
We Went to Janae and Logan's Wedding
The Beautiful couple who created a meaningful ceremony.

 Father/Daughter Dance... Jason's dad took his oldest daughter on the floor which made us all fall on the floor with our mouths agape. Everyone was getting into the fun. Yay! I love celebrations like this!

Micah finished eighth grade strong.

These 4 said goodbye to another School Year and Hello to Summer

 Jalen Started his new job(which he seems to love) and loves the money he gets at the end of the week as well!
We celebrated Malaina's Graduation.
And a week later had her open house.

With some friends and Family.
And many helping hands. *Sure glad we had the BB Gun on hand in the background* Just noticed it never got put away before the open house :/

 It was so good to see friends from the present and past who made such a mark on Malaina's life.
We are grateful for our community and the friendships that have made our lives richer.
Here I am with two of those ladies.
Love you Deb and Dawn!

Grandma  Writing Malaina a love note.
 Malaina did a good job arranging her pictures while I focused on the food and Décor.

Although she did make 350 of her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

We had a Nacho and Dessert bar

And not to leave out any of the behind the scenes happenings that go on before such an event unfolds at ones house...

While I show pictures of finished house projects just know that there are many unfinished areas around here even after a year and a half. And these stones were not on this house yet... but our friend Ed from Overholt masonry sent his crew and whipped it out for us. We were overwhelmed with gratitude for such a kind act!!

Micah played piano for his first wedding. He was amazing.

Sophie got to spend some time with her school friends and I just love this picture of them all together.

 And then over July 4th we spent some time with Jason's Sisters and One Brother in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

It was such a treat to able to spend time together.

They welcomed us to their hunting cabin which nestles  along side a creek

Incidentally it was not used for some time so they spent a few hours before we got there working their tails off.... when we arrived it was all mowed up and cleaned out.
The boys were chopping wood....all weekend.
Playing in the water and watching fireworks were two activities for the kids. They made their own fun which is always heartwarming!
Waiting for Fireworks like a bunch of rednecks :)
These two twins (a year a part but the same birth day) Were getting into the spirit of camping and The 4th.

These two are a mess and should probably have constant supervision :)
Two of our musicians doing what they do.
It was a great weekend and I am grateful for family.

Life is good but not without stress or days without cloudy skys.

These are our highlights.
The Low Lights I am lifting up to my Father who knows all things and is concerned about every detail of our life.

If there ever was a time we have known loss at large and unspoken volumes it is now.
We Miss our loved ones every day and we are currently saying our good byes to another dear Friend as he bids farewell to this earth and  prepares to claim his prize in another world.
His spirit of encouragement and blessing is contagious and I hope to be just like him one day!

He taught us how to live and is teaching us how to die.

Our hearts feel heavy with the parting. His Prayers and Hugs and I love you's will be missed by all of us!

I will write more later but for today I rejoice that we are blessed in the Sunshine and The rain.

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