Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We celebrated Easter this year with Fanfare and Worship.
I loved Having my Parents around again after not seeing them all winter.

I loved having my family to our house to celebrate.
I love Easter Service. It seems like everyone is geared up and excited to be in the building.
I love the songs and the call to worship.

I love the promise of an empty tomb and an eternal reward with him.
I love traditions that we enjoy participating in and the laughter we have as we are together.

Its a day to celebrate and be glad.

And then I woke up today on Monday after all that had filled my heart yesterday and remembered it really can be Easter today as well.
He's still alive.
He's still reigning on his throne.
We have much to be grateful for.
No matter the sorrow that stands in front of us we know that today and everyday that tomb is empty and our kingdom work here should always be in relationship to that thought.

He has freed us from death and the grave.
He is the glorious risen Jesus!
What a wonderful Savior.

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  1. Love your encouraging posts Rose! What a great challenge to be listening to God's words and His words alone.


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