Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I would walk ten thousand miles for you.(give or take a few)

It was spitting rain and sleet that day in March.
The day I said I do to my Love.
Two Decades ago sounds like a long time to me but then I talked to my 89 Year old friend on Sunday who informed me she and her groom will celebrate 70 years this week.
I have thousands of miles to go to get to 70 years..
This was taken before we went out on our first date.
It was a Christmas Party and we were going "as friends".
Since I didn't have a car He was always giving me rides to church. It was a pretty great deal for me. And so Naturally I said "Sure I'd go"...
And a year later he asked me to marry him.
And naturally I said "sure I will". 
Isn't he so handsome?
His hair is awesome!  And so is My big blue Minnie Mouse Bow( not sure what I was thinking?)

When people ask me how I knew he was the right one I say...
"I just Knew I didn't want to be without him. Ever."

And who can blame me.
He is quite a catch.
He was charming and funny and thoughtful.
Even after 2 decades.
I'm glad I said
I Do.
Some years are rougher than others. But through it all we have determined that we will grow old together and for this I am grateful for that Covenant we made.
Its the kind of love that says I will be here for Sunshiny days but also at 2 Am when the baby is screaming and no one wants to get out of the blessed warm bed. A love that looks beyond the surface and sees the other as a soul, who though imperfect is worthy of Mercy and Value.
 It's a Love that says I will sacrifice my pride and say those very important words...I'm sorry. Or, I forgive you.
Again. And Again.
I'm thankful I married a good forgiver.
Its a love that laughs together so hard sometimes a snort escapes or sometimes cries hot tears until a sob is heard.
It's the belief that he will still be here after 4 children are grown and gone.
And the hope that we will still be in love because we have worked at relationship when the air in the room was not particularly warm.
Who knew 20 years later we would be here? I'm guessing we will have many more surprises in the decades to come.
But Honestly I would walk through wind and rain and snow just to be with you.
It's kind of sappy I know.. but I don't care. It's true.
Happy Anniversary sweet face.
I am glad you are mine.

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