Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Winter Snow That never stopped

We've been snowed in for now the 4th day.
The first of the month it was kind of sweet and we needed the break.
But the end of January kind of loses a bit of its charm when the temperatures continue to plunge into negative readings and the wind chill feels like it whips one in to a submissive fetal position. 
But I have been working hard at fighting the cabin fever syndrome. Typically I do it with food. Lots and lots of baking happens. But this time I decided to use the extra time to get crafty. After all Valentines Day is just a few short weeks away and I always have lots of great pictures pinned but often I only get to dream about how I would do it. So I got busy painting.

And then I decided it was time to put the snowman away... I thought maybe I was encouraging the weather to continue with all those snowmen still sitting around. But if I clean off that shelf I need to replace it with something.
 I got Jason to chop off a block of wood for me.
 I got some paints out and painted up my blocks.

I painted them and then roughed them up with a sanding block. Easy Peasy.
I made a little banner for my love birds.
And made a heart out of tissue paper.
I cut out some felt hearts for a heart chain.
And used the rest of the hearts to hang on my little pine tree.
I found these little wooden letters for $1 a piece and painted them white.
All I had was time right? That's mostly all it cost was my time.
Those sticks have cotton swabs strung across them. I took a needle and thread and just strung them together.
Meanwhile Sophia used her Christmas money and bought a knitting loom. 
And knitted this sweet little baby hat for our friends who just had a baby.
Malaina got on board and knitted herself a scarf.
We're running out of yarn....
A few things I have learned to survive being snowed in.
1. Showers and daily hygiene must continue even if no one is coming or going. It just brightens ones mood. Plus people just stink after awhile.
2.There is something to the saying too much of a  good thing...So switching chairs and places while movies are being viewed or books are being read or crafts are being formed is recommended
3.The more you bake... The more you eat. proceed with caution.
4. Snow is pretty. So I better just savor it and feel blessed I have shelter.
5. It gives plenty of time to reflect and spend time with the Creator. 

I just got the call that tomorrow will be another snow day. 
I may need to start working on spring stuff if this goes on much longer.
Winter 2014 you are breaking records. 
I'm blessed to have all my chicks tucked in with me for one more winter.
I'll take it!


  1. We've had lots more snow this year than usual in VA too. My boys were off school all last week. We called it their "winter break"…they had a blast! I think you were more productive than me though with your snowed in time! :-)

    1. Yes Kathy my friend I have heard that most of the country has been affected in some way by this storm :< I have started working on graduation stuff since I heard that my work is closed for tomorrow...again. Oh my!


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