Monday, January 6, 2014

Its a New Year... A new Day

A snowy blustery frigid way to start a new Year.
We had snow before and on Christmas which was just a warm up for all the snow that the first week of January brought.
This boy(Micah)passed his father up in height over the Christmas break. One morning he came out and his dad looked at him and said something like this, "You grew!"And "I think you're taller than me". And so they quickly got out the measuring stick and stood back to back having me declare who was tallest from my estimations. And yes indeed that night of sleep had been good for the boy because he was indeed a half a hair taller than his dad.
 It was a celebration for the boy but the father looked the boy square in the eyes and said in his most fatherly, deep manliest of voices "I can still take ya". And so there you go. That's how we roll. No competition in this household. 
No Ma'm! 
 So since we are not allowed to go out on  the roads except for emergencies we have decided to act like Christmas never ended and just keep eating and playing games and watching movies like it's our job.
 We celebrated the New Year with friends and Food.

 And then the snow came descending on us like a great force from the sky.

But it didn't stop us... No way we had plans.
To head to play some Whirly Ball. Even though the roads were not good and we had to drive slower and our van had trouble with some of the slippery hills in the city, we had a wonderful day.
With this group of friends that we've been enjoying since our big boys introduced us back in about the 2nd grade. That is a lot of male energy right there. :) What a great group of kids!

On the way home we stopped for gas. The kids all got out and used the bathroom and got drinks and snacks. They all piled back in the van except for Micah. He was still inside. So we joked maybe we would just have to leave him. To which his big brother replied, "No way! Losing him would be like cutting off my right arm!" Which made my eyes instantly fill with hot liquid. Because 1. I remember many days praying they would be best friends one day.  And 2. That 16 year old boy of mine has already experienced tremendous loss in his young life and he knows how deeply it hurts. He has felt How raw the sting of losing one you love truly is.
Every time I think of his words I  get a little teary.

Friday we started hearing about this huge storm that was supposed to hit us by Saturday evening. So after a trip to the store on Saturday we were ready to be snowed in.

Some pretzels and Blizzards for my peeps, because of course, the blizzard was upon us.
On Sunday we ventured into the weather and made it home without incident.
By afternoon we knew that we would be getting calls of cancellations. And we did. Including My work which hardly ever closes.
I decided to go outside and capture a few pictures before dark.
  I braved it long enough to record it so one day when we talk about the blizzard of January 2014 I would have pictures :).
 Serious beauty every where.
 Every step I took felt like It got deeper and more intense. Up past my knees at some points.
 We didn't see any deer today. They must have heard the news about the winter storm advisory and stayed tucked in their homes as well.

Did I mention Downton Abbey started Last night. Yeah well it did. And I was a little over the top about that.

And now today I am happy as I shuffle around my house, baking some food, doing some laundry in my pj's as I look out the window at the clean fresh snow that has covered my world. I feel content and blessed today.
Maybe it's a symbol of the New Year. 
New Life.
New Adventures.
New Mercies.

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