Monday, December 9, 2013

When Birthdays are Hard

This past weekend we celebrated a birthday.
It was like all birthday parties... we had balloons, punch, shrimp cocktail and chips.
We said nice things about the birthday person and celebrated his life.
Except at this party we were missing the guest of honor.
And we all wept as we stood around the place we buried him last spring.
The holes in our hearts seem to be getting bigger... Not smaller.
We know you are having the best birthday ever. But we just miss your little face!
We miss your laugh.
We miss your spirit. We miss sleepovers and your raspy voice. We miss your jokes. Your smell. Your hands. Your Friendship. Your loyalty.

We wish it would be different for our sake. But not for yours. We know you are right where you are most at peace.
When we get too caught up in connecting the small dots...we can't see the big picture. 
So we will continue to hope for brighter days as we dry our eyes and we hold your brothers and mom and dad and each other close and remind each other to live out of  what we have learned through your life and the journey God led you through.
And to be faithful to our King until we can celebrate together again. 
We love you Benjamin Ross
Happy Sweet 16.


  1. So sorry. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult season of life. Benji was surely a loved boy in your family.

  2. Thank you Kathy! He surely was.


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