Tuesday, December 3, 2013


There she stands, on the playground.
 Her piggy tails hang down on each cheek and she instinctively holds on to one brushing the hair against her hand. She is nervous but still trys to appear casual.It's one of those moments where everyone is silently holding their breath...all but the best friend of the captain. She knows she's in. But everyone else...we all just hope we aren't chosen last. 

And then  we outgrow the playground and we move to a tad more sophistication in our choosing games. We plan parties and choose who should attend. And still... it's not so important what order we are chosen...just as long as we get an invite to those places we wish to belong to.
But then we graduate and we are told it will all be different. People are more mature and they will not pick and choose like they did on the playground, with such blatant rejection.
But unfortunately, it never happens like that does it?
We all want to feel chosen. 
It's in each one of the created to  feel like they belong.
And it's humbling when we aren't invited in. Or sometimes told to leave. It stings.Sometimes we cry. At times we react in unhealthy ways in return of the rejection.
And it takes us back to the play ground....You pick me...Next time I will pick you. But... If you don't pick me?
What will we do with that?

As I think of the coming of the king, one thing that I have been pondering is how His action of coming to this world was the most beautiful display of choosing us even when we rejected him. Knowing the outcome of his life on earth would be one of complete rejection.
And still he came.
Out of a perfect love...
He Chose You.
And he chose me.
He chose us before we chose him.
And he still keeps choosing us.
Did you need to know you are chosen today?
No matter the rejection you are facing.... God Chose You. First.
Your family may reject you. Your spouse may have turned their back. Your friends may fail. You may have been overlooked for that promotion or job. You may not feel like one person would pick you first.

But he did. He does. And he will.

You have been Chosen.

Live with that confidence today.
Joy to the World The Lord is Come.


  1. What a beautiful reminder that we are chosen by the King. I hope you have a wonderful day and may you feel the glory of being chosen this week!


    Angie Ryg

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment Angie. I am so thankful to be his! <3


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