Saturday, October 19, 2013

Summer Love all in one package

I'm sorry for the catch up post ... But since I create blog books for our own scrap books,I'm playing catch up with my summer pictures.
It was a good summer.
But it sped by at tremendous speed.
 Once again...We watched lots of baseball

  Three play ball all spring and summer

 We spent some time in or on or by the water.

 We surprised Allen and Cindy on their 25th Anniversary.
It was such a surprise We had a hard time getting Cindy there...

 There's my Buddy Dale.

We sent this girl off to Costa Rica with her youth group for a week.
A wonderful experience for her.

 We worked on some projects around here.
 When I say we.. I mean he.
Fourth of July is always fun....

 Some time with these girlfriends.

 Sophie took an honor ribbon home from her first fair entry... Banana muffins.

 We celebrated birthdays and Father's day.

The boys had basketball camp, we took lots of bike rides and spent some days freezing and canning fruits and vegetables. 

We went to watch our friend Steve announce at the horse track he works at along with these friends.

We took a day berry picking in Narnia.

We  took a trip to Iowa for a family reunion and a wedding.

 Car parkers at this country wedding
 Some hay bales to sit on
 Sophie and her cousin Erin
 Funny or maybe not.
 Sophie loves her baby cousin Justice
 Sweet Kimberly with her groom
  Every year we add some more.

School started again... Even though we hadn't gotten enough summer.

*notice the tippy toe stance from big sis*

 We celebrated Jalens 16th birthday with a surprise party for him.

 His class from school came over and played some volleyball, made some pretzels and watched ND lose to Michigan

This year's school Pictures for these kids I love...

Jalen...16...10th grade
 Sophia...10.. 5th grade
Micah....13 ... 8th grade
And Senior Girl who is 18.
I love summer and right next to it fall. Here we go dancing right into the the chilly nights and colorful days.

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