Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Joys and another birthday

School is well underway now.... The first report cards have come out and we have a quarter of the school year under our belts. It's so nice that they can help each other in math because after about the 5th grade I'm dead to them when it comes time for math.

Here is an inexpensive project I did this fall.
 I got some cheap dollar store pumpkin shaped gourds.
 I Took my spray paint can and gave them a good coat of paint.
Added some stencil letters to spell "Thanks".  My Simple pleasures.

This boy has been playing lots of football and had his first touch down this year.

I will miss watching this bunch of boys play together. I love that number 88
 My oldest turned 18 at the end of September... This is a money tree that we gave her for her birthday. I am trying to not let my heart run too wild with emotion at all the lasts this year.
 I know life will change next year without her presence in our daily lives.
 But I have no doubt she is ready to fly.
 She is my adult child now. So hard to believe.
 And I think I may just hold on to this moment instead of thinking about next year.
 We celebrated at Olive Garden with her siblings.
I am sure we will have many more moments to celebrate.
I love you princess Malaina. You are all I dreamed you would be. And then some.

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