Monday, July 22, 2013

Not a Jonah

First of all, I want to thank you for all your responses to the last post. You are so encouraging! Speaking with some of you face to face and others on Facebook. What kindness you have shown me!
I write stuff on here praying God will use it to glorify himself and help others who may be afraid to share their own struggles but are so thankful to know they aren't alone. We are on this journey together, you and I, and I have found it's much easier to travel in packs then to travel alone. Thanks again for the many times  you have helped me with my load and encouraged me at the same time! I am refreshed by your kindness!

This  summer I reread the little book of Jonah in two nights to my kids.
I thought It would be good to refresh our memories of this story.
When Malaina was 4 she memorized the whole story of Jonah off of  The Word and Song Cd. We have it captured on Video and it's priceless to me.
I had forgotten some elements of this story.
Like how it ended.
It did not get wrapped up in a neat bow of lesson learned or any such other happily ever after tale.
Jonah was kind of an unwilling participant from go in this whole saga.
He didn't want to go. He Ran away from God's direct call. And then threw a tantrum when God used him in a mighty way.
So while I can relate to some of Jonah's struggles, my will conflicting with Gods, Running from a call, you know the run of the mill kinds of issues, but for the life of me, I can not understand his thinking at the end. Why in the world was he so mad?
So maybe I'm not exactly like Jonah.
I like when God shows up and I would love to see him move a whole nation of people!! That would be amazing for me to be part of!! I pray that happens to our nation in my lifetime.
But I wonder if we don't trick ourselves into believing we are okay because we aren't running from God, like Jonah did.
What if that's not enough?
What if God isn't any more impressed with the person who stays in one place day after day, year after year, stuck in that same old middle of the ditch, apathetic state, then he is the one who puts on their running shoes and sprints in the other direction?
We read stories to our children about people like Jonah and click our tongues saying "don't ever run from God."
But we ourselves haven't moved in our relationship with him since last July.
Maybe we aren't running from God, But are we running toward him?
How can we tell?
Have we changed?
Are our habits the same?
Are we living on the remembrance of some old camp experience or college revival or " that time when"... What about now?
What are we doing to run to him.
A Fresh filling of his spirit is available anytime we ask. And we should ask often because we leak...Spiritually.
And when we are filled with his Spirit we can better hear what he is speaking.
We need to put those same running shoes on, and run fast and furious to him.
Stepping out into the unknown. Saying yes to the small things that open doors to bigger things. Staying engaged in his word. Prayerfully considering opportunities that he brings our way.Walking into the awkward even when we don't feel like it. Sometimes sitting still in his presence. Making room in our lives for him to keep shaping us, changing us and sometimes squeezing us pretty tight.
That is how we run toward him.
Open hands, Open Heart.
Keep shaping me O Father until I am Home with you.

"Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. Here's my heart O take and seal it" seal it for thy courts above."

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