Monday, July 29, 2013

A Letter to my boys

Dear Son of mine,

I have always wanted to be a mother to boys. I think boys are some of God's best creation and I am so glad I have the opportunity of bringing you up!

The book of Proverbs is full of wise advise to sons when it comes time for leadership, love, wisdom and money.
I love that you have a father who is committed to you and has taken an interest in your games, your education, your discipline, your spiritual temperature,  your hearts. You are blessed.

  • Don't be afraid to lead. In a culture that lives in both ditches... Male dominance and abuse or Male passiveness and the sissification  of your gender I encourage you to be fully male while being sensitive and listening to your female counterparts. Your sisters, your aunts, your grandmother, your mother and someday your wife. Lead with your God given authority. Don't be afraid to step into places that look dangerous to others. It's where leaders go.. Into the unknown. 
  • Live with passion. A passionless person is a wandering person. Someone who can't seem to find fulfillment or have a dream. God has big plans for you! If God chooses to close doors along the way ask him to show you the new dream he has in mind for you. Don't be afraid to change directions when he leads you down a new road.
  • Be great. Remember being great doesn't mean you are well known or have lots of money. It doesn't mean that if you are the boss or the head of your home that you get to throw around your title. The definition Jesus gives us of greatness is to be the servant of all. Learn to serve those around you with tenderness, Strength, and compassion and you will be great in his kingdom. 
  • Be Kind. While you love to banter and show affection to each other by teasing and wrestling, don't let your words become rocks that hurt others. Be sensitive to how you speak to each other and to others around you. Your tongue can set a whole forest on fire or it can be a healing stream that brings life to those around you.
  • Let all your work be done for your Creator. Remember that he made you and he knows your bent. It is him that you want to please. This will keep you humble as you remember no man is his own master, we all fall under one Master and he is the one we should serve. Not ourselves. All your provisions come from him. He can give and he can take away. Blessed be his name.
  • Work now at becoming a good husband if you marry one day.  I know girls are complicated and sometimes a little irrational. But Your sisters are good to practice on. Learn to listen to them. Be patient with them. Be encouraging when you see something they do right or when they dress up and look especially pretty. Hold doors open for them and treat them with respect.
  • Never treat any girl as a commodity.  Even if they offer it to you. You will have many opportunities to travel down roads of temptation or death if you choose to take them. Stay far away from those who would prostitute your  heart. Don't live with the regrets of youth by succumbing to temptations of viewing images that change the way your mind processes. Don't believe the lie that, one real women for life is not enough. It's baggage that will hang on to your heart and make you pay longer than you ever thought possible. Save yourself including your eyes, mind, body and heart for that one woman, one day. If you are tempted to stray down a road that entices you ask yourself this... What if this person were my sister or my mom? How would I want them to be viewed?Treat all women known and unknown with that respect. Stay focused on eyes, and at times.. Look the other way.

  • Be gracious. Even if you're right. Be gracious. Walk Humbly in your role. Don't let power go to your head. Be extremely gracious.

  • When you're wrong. Say it. People respect you more when you admit your error than having to convince you of it. We all are wrong sometimes, stay humble enough to admit it when brought to your attention.
  • Forgive the unforgivable. It will keep you from the tormentors that will take over your thoughts and actions if you do not choose to let it go. Remember there is one who forgave the unforgivable in you.
  • Put falsehood and lies far from you. Your word is your honor. If you find yourself failing here, Confess it quickly and then do what it takes to  rebuild that trust. Honor God with your integrity
  • Fight greed. Give until it hurts to counteract the enemy called greed. Giving will help you fight The idea that what you have is never enough. If You feel the dissatisfaction in what you already have.... Give. Give. Give your time, your talent, your money...Give it away. It changes your perspective.
  • Stay Funny. We love your humor.   It's one of the things that draws people to you.You make life fun! Never use your humor as a tool to make fun of others or tease in undercutting ways. 
  • Keep loving on your mama. I love your hugs. Your words of affirmation are sweet kisses to my heart. You are my treasure my sons!
  • I believe you have what it takes to conquer and overcome in this world! I am watching to see all that God has in store for you!
     One day I expect to see you on the front lines fighting the enemy and being a Warrior like King David or moving in a direction just because God tells you to like the Man of Faith, Abraham. I encourage you to  lead where God calls even when those around you don't see it just like Moses did. To stand against temptation even in the face of losing all you have, with Integrity, just like Joseph. To be known for prayer, like Daniel. Be bold like Peter and Loving Like John.
    My Sons I love you more than you can imagine. One day another woman will love you too. Love her with your whole heart. Be her protector. And her friend. Lead her and never stop listening to her.
    You are forever in my heart!

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