Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

I was trying to plan a little fun celebration for the last day of school. Some years it's hit or miss depending on what's planned in the evening. This year I decided last minute to do a scavenger hunt.
So after dinner at home I handed out the instructions... J and the girls against Mama and the boys.

 It was a wild trip to town ... not because of speed but those 2 boys of mine had all kinds of crazy ideas they kept shouting out.

 This was their idea of photographing themselves with animals
In contrast the girls visited our friends goats.

While it took me two tries to get exactly .50 worth of gas. The daddy/girl car came into the station. We took off and headed into Goshen.
Jumping from the swing we counted how many there were as we ran back to our vehicle. 
As we finished up... here these three  came again. (it's like they were following us) 
We high -tailed it over to get our fortune cookies and take out menus.

We were just unsure how we would find that 85 year old.
 But this group knew. They spotted someone they knew outside Hacienda officially giving them the title of grand champs.

So while they got bragging rights we all enjoyed our favorite ice cream treat.
The boys handled it relatively well ...And on the way home even serenaded us to this.
Love these days! I sure will miss them when they go.

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