Monday, June 10, 2013

Mahlon and Dorothy... Two Of God's finest Saints

I want to tell you about 2 of my favorite people in all the world.

I am sad that I have only been friends with them for 2 years because they are so wise and wonderful I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet them years ago. They are the kind of people that we can call anytime. And I always highly value their counsel. They pray for us as if we were there own.

They have walked us through some deep waters. And they have carried closely our story.

We are separated by 40 years in age but much closer than that in Spirit. 

We met in Sunday School. We were new to this church and sat toward the back. They usually sat in the middle. As I would listen to their answers to questions and their prayers I knew without asking that they were Spirit filled.  I felt I must meet these kindred spirits So I introduced myself.  Through my life I have learned  that I grow greatly when I am with seasoned mentors who love God and People. 
They are the epitome of both.
I love to listen to their stories of how they have seen so many changed lives through their years of ministry. Graciousness pours from their lips. They teach how to respond to others. They have so much wisdom and experience.
I know they are not perfect...but they seem pretty close. I love the way they love each other and speak tenderly to each other, as though they know each day is sacred. It makes me want to weep.

I often wonder what life looked like on them when they were my age. Were they always like this Or did time make them like this? 

Because life has a way of shaping us. 
Each one of us is writing that story today. The choice I make with my life in this moment however great or small it seems at the time, will be my future story. 
When we come to forks in the road, we all make choices.
 If we choose to go right (even when the feelings aren't yet in sync with our actions)OR if we choose the left. We can choose to write a different kind of story that leads us down a road of brokenness and pain.

We know ultimately that if we surrender to him, God will turn our stories of brokenness into songs for his glory.  
I am thankful for that grace. 
But honestly,  I prefer not to go down the road of my own making of what feels good for today. 
It may feel good for a season but it always ends in destruction.

I know through their testimonies that they were not always so saintly. It's hard to imagine that now. But they were saved from a life of misery and rebellion. And when God changed their hearts they never looked back again.

These two friends of mine have demonstrated through their lives how a well fought battle of choosing the road less traveled looks at the end. 
I am so blessed to have met them on the path of life. 
I count them as one of God's richest blessings in this season of my life! 


  1. aww... Mahlon married Nate and I... a sweet couple, indeed! :)

    1. That is Super cool!! You are fortunate indeed!


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