Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Piece of Art... It's a wonderful life

 I've been wanting to try this Pinterest idea for a long time.

And the past few weeks I finally did it.

I had heard you could get engineering prints from Staples for 1.39 for a decent size picture.

So I took my sd card in and asked if they could help me.

And this is what they gave me. I took the print and mod podged it onto a board cut to size.
I made a print for each of the kids. 

And this one that is displayed in my foyer.
I think it's a great way to display pictures without breaking the budget.
And my favorite art always includes people I love.

I am loving my first week of a our new summer schedule. Ball games keep us running every day.
We are enjoying having friends over to play.
Over Memorial Day we were in South Haven with some Friends...We didn't let the cold weather ruin our fun!!

 Jalen and Sophie enjoyed Activities Day. And they got to be on the same team!

We had a walk to raise awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis 
Here are Grandma and Grandpa on our mile walk.

It was a beautiful morning.
 Every picture with these boys looks like it's missing something. It is. You.
We miss you so much Benji. But we know you are healed and whole. 

Micah had his piano recital... Here he is with his wonderful teacher Kay

Sophie had her piano recital

Here she is with her  big sis who is also her teacher.
And that big sis started her new job as a hostess this week. She is now a working girl.
And we finally celebrated this  13 year old's birthday. I will blog about that later.

What a full month. 
My cup runneth over.


  1. Great post, Rose! I love all the pics of your kids enjoying summer life. And the pic with your parents holding hands while walking for CF...beautiful.

    1. Thank you sweet Kathy!! Isn't summer grand?!

  2. i've been wanting to do the engineering prints/mod podge thing, too... now that i know a 'real' person has done it, i think i'll give it a whirl!! :)

    1. I found that the black and white one worked best. Good luck!👍


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