Monday, May 20, 2013

A piece of pie and character counts

Well a week has passed since Mother's Day.

If You didn't get breakfast in bed or a card gushing nice things about all your unnoticed and under appreciated tasks you accomplish each day, know that you are still important. Please hear me when I say I have felt the same way on occasions. Days like Mother's Day sets a percentage of the women in this world up for disappointment. Either because we long to be moms, have lost a child or our own mother, or because the offspring we have given birth to may not always know how to say or give us the appreciation we desire.

I have learned that if I can reach out to other moms I love or feel drawn to  and remind  them how great they are doing as moms I feel a lot less pressure to sit and wait for my moment of affirmation. When I do this, the faulty thinking of it's my "right" to be honored becomes less significant as  I choose to honor another.

But this year my husband and children did give me sweet notes and gifts and hugs and pie.
That's right my guy made me old fashioned cream pie.
It's really wrong of me to eat such food, I admit it... Sometimes I like to be wrong ;)

It was seriously the best pie I've ever eaten! I may have tried to help... But he bossed me right out of the kitchen!

There are a number of you who have asked for the pie crust recipe that I use.
Here it is... My Mother's Day gift to you :)
1-5lb bag of all purpose flour
1-can of shortening
1/2 cup sugar
6tsp. Salt
Mix in a fix and mix bowl until it looks like this(I use my fingers and just get right in there until its crumbly)
Store for up to 6 months in sealed container
When ready to make crust dip out 2 cups mix and add 1/4 tbsp cold water.
Mix it and roll it out with flour.
This Should make 2 shells or a shell and a top crust.
Pie is a lot less complicated when your dough is mostly made. You can also use this dough for pot pies.It's my mom's recipe and we love it.

I got to hear my dad preach in the morning. We had friends join us for lunch and then went to my mom's house in the evening.

And then Monday evening Mr Micah got recognized as the 7th grade outstanding male student of the year. What an honor for him to be recognized when we could think of so many other deserving young men in his class!

He is a good student and looks out for the underdog. In fact he's hoping to get into the new program next year helping kids with special needs in school. I love that we have had the privilege of having someone in our family who isn't exactly like everyone else and our children have had the blessing of being around someone who looks a little different and acts a little different but brings huge amounts of joy to our lives!

 My uncle Dales life has shaped two generations.

And while that great uncle of his has never gotten recognized for a student of the year award, his life has helped to shape Micah into the young man he has become. I am thankful for God's great gift to us!

And not to be out done... Jalen came home with an award this week too.
He has gifts too. Like the ability to bring others laughter. I think he pretty much gets all his mischievous nature from his dad. No doubt. ;)

I think I'm a pretty fortunate mom.
These kids all have different personalities. Weaknesses and Strengths that sometimes scream "WE ARE MINI YOU'S"! But in the middle of all of this stuff we call mothering I think I have been most surprised by how changed my world is. Even after these almost 18 years. Maybe  now more than ever. I am forever ruined with my love for you Malaina, Jalen, Micah and Sophia.

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