Saturday, April 6, 2013

Can we come too?

It was a smell that took me to another day. The musty Odor lingered as I strolled through the aged building. Remembering another day when it was me, yes I was the one just beginning a new chapter of life.

Some 20 years ago I was making a visit to the Bible College I would attend. I remember the smell because for me smell seems to be very closely related to most every memory I have. I was sitting there in the lobby and in strolled this very confident looking bearded man in a trench coat. I instantly followed him with my eyes. I had decided in the 3 quick minutes that 1. He was handsome. 2 He knew how to make an entrance. 3. I should probably meet him. 4.  I hoped the date he was leaving on wouldn't work out. (confession)
  It took us awhile to figure out how to relate but when we finally did we knew we couldn't make it apart.

That year  was a good year for me.  The spiritual cocoon that I was wrapped in was comforting and stretching all at the same time. I built many friendships that I still cherish today. The memories of piling in cars and heading to the nearest pizza joint will never leave my memory. I have fond memories of The classes, the Teachers,The overall sense of learning to live without mom and dad and making more decisions on my own, becoming independent and growing up.

As I spent some time reflecting over the past to my daughter I had a sense of excitement about this day. The day when she too would be visiting a college she has chosen as top of her list of potentials. We would go tour today and be one step closer to spreading her wings.

I expected I would be teary as I usually am when I think of her leaving. But today I just felt excited. Excited that my daughter would get to have those experiences soon. That she too would be able to know how fun a community of friends who live together and experience a whole new life can be.
If she were a math  or science major or something else that would not  be my language I may still be excited for her. But with her choice of  Journalism or Public Relations I am as interested in sitting in classes with her as she is. I had to refrain from getting out my notebook and jotting down some tips. But I shouldn't because I'm the mom. I kept telling myself. I'm the mom,with the prospective college student. Weird feeling.

Every now and then we would tease her and say, "we should all just move here." Which made her laugh and say "No dad you can't live on campus with me". The other kids decided they should all just come here and then we wouldn't have to do anymore visits.

The Communications center was state of the art with amazing artifacts  all throughout the building.
I'm so glad for her to have found something that she really likes.
We haven't made a final decision but it's a strong candidate. With our pastor's STRONG endorsement as a former student of the college and the seminary we felt a sense of "coming home". Even though it was a new campus to us. The professors and students we talked with emphasized the strong stance the college has on the whole and inspiration of scripture which tops off our most important question when picking a college that will be shaping our precious for at least 4 years.

In the hotel room last night I turned over to sleep and there she was in the next bed facing me.I watched her as she slept reliving the years that have slipped by. Thinking about what a young lady she has become. I was so proud of her as she asked the intelligent questions she had written down in her note book. I Know she will be just fine. It's me that will have the growing pains. Her presence in our family on a daily basis will be missed. So the question that never really got answered remains...
Can We just come too?

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  1. Oh golly, I can't imagine what it feels like to take this next step of parenting you are taking. Exciting, but must be so bittersweet.


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