Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little Kentucky Education

For Spring Break we took a few days and headed to Lexington, Kentucky. We had often passed through the city but never really checked it out up close. This is really unacceptable since we lived in the neighboring city of Louisville. Malaina was a toddler and Jalen was born while we lived there. We have very great memories of our time there. But never did we attend a horse race. Of Course Louisville is the big Derby city but we were not all that interested at the time in seeing a race. But today we thought it may be fun to just run down to the track and see a race.

And we got quite an education. As tourist we were dressed in comfy clothes enjoying our tour around the countryside.
But as we pulled into the park we realized we were ridiculously under-dressed. So when we eventually found a spot to park we piled out and tried to figure out what to do next. Micah said... "okay family, let's all just agree to talk in Australian accents." Good idea let's just pretend to be foreigners. Several started repeating the phrase we had just picked up at our college visit. "We refuse to accept embarrassment" The meaning behind this phrase is that embarrassment always looks for a place to land and if we don't accept it someone else may get embarrassed for us. :)
Me? I decided to just dig out the dress I had worn the night before and throw on some heels.
 After weaving through crowds of people we found a pretty good spot to watch the race.  We confessed to a the usher that we were Yankee's and he so kindly told us what was going on. He gave the kids little trinkets and allowed the girls to take pictures with the owners umbrella's.
We refused to accept the embarrassment.

There were lots of good opportunities to witness how we don't want to conduct ourselves at the race track. I'm just glad we didn't get trampled with the masses of people. Do you know how claustrophobic it is to be my size and be in a sea of people? I'm not a fan. 

We were glad to have wide open spaces again. The walk back to the car got a little long so big brother offered a lift. 
It was a day we won't forget soon.
Everyone seemed grateful to head back to the city to get some chocolate from the Kentucky Chocolate Company. 

And even more grateful to get home to our own beds. 
It's always good to go....
But even better to come home!

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