Monday, March 25, 2013

I still do

19 Years ago Today I was fussing with my hair as I got ready to meet all my friends and family at church for a final walk through of our wedding day.

 The day I remember well. How could I forget all the periwinkle and peach with the white flowers and ice sculpture. I was a young bride but at the time felt very grown up. Since I was the youngest I had seen weddings happen in my family all my life. I already had 4 nephews and 1 niece so I felt ready to plunge into the waters of love and happily ever after.

The babies started coming 18 months later and didn't stop coming for 7 years. We were so blessed as each one arrived and added their own personality to our little nest. We have not always had the best planning skills but God did and we are thankful he knew what we needed. For awhile they came 1 every 2 years and the 4th 3 years after the 3rd. 
Some days I wondered if I would make it to evening. Some days went by quickly 
 I knew that these days were passing too fast.
How in the world did we make it to 19 I ask myself.

Through all the hair changes,life experiences and raising kids we have learned a few things.

And I'm sure there will be much more to learn.

We are both determined and head strong at times. We are 2 normal people who made a commitment through the good, bad, and ugly.

And I intend to keep that promise.

On the back of our program in 1994 we wrote this to our guests.

Dear friends and family,
We are so excited that today has finally come! We want to thank each of you for coming and giving us your support and love. We believe that God has brought us together and are anxiously awaiting all the wonderful blessings he has in store for us.

The vows we have taken are sacred and lifelong. We ask you as our family and friends to hold us accountable always to all you have witnessed today.
We would appreciate your prayers as we endeavor to serve Christ more deeply through this union. 
We love you, 
Jason and Rose

We will never tell you we have a perfect marriage because that would be a perfect lie. But we are learning how to be good forgivers. That's all we can do. 
We have learned, In relationships, if forgiveness is not given by both parties there can be no reconciliation  And it is a must if  a marriage will last. 

Our Love for our Father, Our Commitment and Forgiveness To one another must be the foundation of our home or it will crumble. 

The longer I live The more I realize how there is a plot formed against this union. There is a destroyer who floats around and eagerly looks for opportunities to tear us up and spit us out.

I'm really over his bad intentions. And I'm thankful that God always provides a way of escape.

Sometimes it helps to hold them in a head-lock when in a heated discussion. (laughing)
Speaking of which... We laugh A LOT together. The whole lot of us. Whenever possible we encourage laughter over taking offense.
Shaking it off sometimes is the best advise someone can give me. Let. It. Go. 

Trivial  matters can provide lots of  extra drama in a family if we don't  learn to laugh about it.
I don't know much. I'm not a marriage counselor and I haven't lived up to the perfect spouse position but I do know that I love this guy with all my heart. He is still the one. I love to see him pull in the drive at night.

 I do know that we will have more rough patches because It's inevitable. But I  also know that when my little girl asks me to look her in the eyes and promise that dad and I will  stay together, I can.

Because I still do.


  1. Well said, Rose, as always! I love to hear your commitment to Jason, because it is so very important! I remember your Wedding Day, as well, and am right there with you wondering how we have gotten all these years behind us. Happy Anniversary!
    Love ya,

    1. Thank you dear friend! And thank you for being my friend for so many years! Old friends are worth more than gold! Love you sweet lady!,

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is a really sweet post!

  3. You are one sweet and blessed family! I must say I always have to battle a little envy when I read your blogs due to your writing skills and all of your fun engaging activities. ;) However, I pray you continue blessing us with your skills and encouraging walk with your God and family!

    1. You are kind dear Anna friend! As you probably know I usually don't post all the boring everyday things because they aren't all that interesting but just know my life isn't always full of engaging activities! :) I do feel blessed even when The Lord chooses to take away because I know that my future is secure with him! Hugs!!

  4. "The longer I live The more I realize how there is a plot formed against this union. There is a destroyer who floats around and eagerly looks for opportunities to tear us up and spit us out." (I've only been married a year and a half and I know this to be so true. Rose, thank you so much for this reminder) "God always provides a way of escape." (And another thing I need to remember is I have a choice in or after times of failure and disappointment, I can use these experiences, by the grace of God, to overcome and be better because of them; or I can put a patch over it and let the situation fester and become infected. Only recently have really begun to understand the value of vulnerability, what a beautiful thing it is. The times I feel on top of everything is when I am being real before my wife, and before God.)

    Thanks Auntie

    1. Mike your comment makes your aunties heart melt! I love you and I'm so thankful you are building a foundation now. It's about choices.. Little choices all along the way....but in the end they make all the difference!! Thanks for making a choice to comment! ;)


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