Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our new nest

For months and months we sweated and labored over this project.
 We wondered if it would ever be done.
 It felt like the last two weeks everything changed as we started adding color and personality to this home. Light fixtures were hung. Floor coverings put on and mirrors were set in place.
There's my dad. Day after day he came and did whatever needed to be done.
 The doors to our cabinets were finished and the hardware put on. Here is our friend Ed spending New Years day in the kitchen.
 The Crown was cut and put up and calked and painted.
 And Food was delivered by so many of you kind folks. *actually after taking a closer look at the picture I realize what I thought was a piece of cheese is wood. No one brought us wood for dinner. Thank you for not doing that. However there were many tasty treats that we enjoyed very much*

More painting to be done....I'm kind of over it for awhile.For someone who loves to paint that's saying something.

 And then we started cleaning. My friend Rolonda came several days helping me so much!
 And my dear sweet sister in laws came too.

They were amazing!!! Corine and Shirley.

Here are the carpet layers... Our friends Ron and Ted.

Watching all this work made Dale very sleepy.

 Lights in the kitchen were hung.
 And my dear Mother looking overwhelmed for me at the process of unpacking.

And then it arrived. The day we had been waiting for. MOVING DAY! January 19, 2013
 We had been moving for weeks but this was the day when we would move our beds and make our final clean. It was so exciting!
 We have such great people who showed up with trucks and lots of kids to help move our belongings.
 These girls were knocking it out of the park with their sweeping skills. This house had lots of carpet and they faithfully swept all 3 floors!
 And then the beds started getting reassembled in the new house.
 My very generous and serving friend Teresa Volunteered to make her delicious Stromboli. It was so thoughtful and yummy!
 And here is a much cleaner and calmer kitchen then the night before.
 The Final product *excuse the bare walls I am enjoying the paint for now*

The kitchen

The Guest Bath
 The Laundry Room.* I mostly just wanted a pretty light for my Laundry. However we did purchase a washer and dryer and those do come in handy as well* :)
 The Boys Room
Our Bath

The girls bedroom and future office... when the upstairs is complete.
Our Bedroom

The  Sitting room
The Dining area.

This week all the snow fell on us and we enjoyed the beauty from the windows. All these pictures were taken looking from the inside out around the house. I think God's beautiful earth is just amazing. We are enjoying the beauty of nature including foxes, deer and Turkey's.

 We are just so thankful to be here. In one place. In one piece. :) We have lots to do yet but at least we have the biggest job behind us. Thank you to all of you who have helped us, took interest in our progress and overall just cared for us. We are all just laying low these past weeks. Enjoying dinners together again and bubble baths. One day when the siding is all up I will post pictures of the outside. I may also show you all the special deals I got for the house. It's amazing what you can find on Craigslist. :)

Goodnight for now.