Saturday, December 15, 2012

When Evil Wins

Undoubtedly 12/14/12 will be a day none of us will forget for a very long time.
We don't have to know anyone in Connecticut to feel the sting of the cruel acts of horror that was thrust upon the innocent. Babies and the teachers who care for them.

When I first heard the news I was at work. My coworker was looking at her phone reporting what was streaming in. As I checked my own computer I saw faces of sweet children and distraught parents and friends. My thoughts went to my own connections at school. I have been in my children's classrooms and schools many times over the past 13 years or so. Those faces flooded my mind. Faces of my children and their little friends running up to hug my legs. So happy to see me. Playing on the playground or calling me over to look at what they had drawn.
My eyes filled with hot liquid as I breathed a prayer for the souls left to mourn the precious ones who were snatched from them in such a horrific fashion.

 My heart breaks as I hug my own precious ones thanking God for another day with my own while grieving over children I never knew.

Later that day I had a discussion with several of my children individually over the events. I knew my 13 year old would have heard about it in his current events class that morning. I asked him for his thoughts. Without hesitation he asked... "Why does it feel like evil is winning?"

And I concur.

It does feel like that most days in this world of sin and corruption and violence and catastrophic events. I don't think I have ever seen days that were so unsure and scary. I have never felt so compelled to pray for the rapture. Or to wonder why I'm planning for any future because it appears to be so uncertain.

I read. Sometimes. When I'm not building a house. And when I read historical events I realize that scary and evil actions, and bad governments and crime, and families that were messed up, have been around since, well, the beginning. Like when Cain became jealous of his goody- two shoes brother who always did what God asked him to do. He hated that brother of his with a horrible kind of wrath, so he killed him.
Killed. Him. Dead.
This was before evil influences such as bad movies and violent video games. (Not that I think either of these are helping our country in any way) My point is simply, he didn't need anyone to give him the idea... Hatred  already existed  in his heart. And he wanted his brother out of the picture.

And evil appeared to win.

Maybe we could look at David's family and see the dysfunction there. Many people today would have pointed fingers at David judging the permissive, inattentive methods he used as he raised his children. The rape, and incest, and murder that occurred on his watch as father and king was Ugly.

And evil looked like it was ahead.

How about we move to Christmas. The baby Jesus born in a manger. The king in power was scared out of his ever livin' skin that this little baby would take his throne. So He killed ALL the babies 2 and under.
Evil at it's darkest.

But Jesus was protected by those who cared for him including his angle.  He was moved to Egypt and later when it was safe returned to Nazareth where he grew to be a man. He was flawless, without sin, having no blemish. He, the perfect Man, walked with his created and loved them and healed them, drove demons out of them, gave them instructions on how to live life here on earth. But the evil that surrounded him by his enemy who used  man's hands and blackened hearts was his demise.

The hands that healed many were nailed to a tree. The blood that poured from him ran down in a messy and horrific way. The crime scene was so gruesome he was unrecognizable.

He gave his life for his world. But to the naked eye Jesus had just been murdered for no reason.
And it looked like the evil one had won for sure.
From all appearance He had killed creations crowned jewel.

But evil never ultimately wins.
Because God always has the  last word. And no evil can be found in Him.

3 days passed and I'm sure those who loved him thought that surely this time evil had triumphed. But as he promised Jesus tore open the doors of death and rose from that prison cell.

And so, I think my son, the answer to your question is found here.
It is simple.
There are 2 kingdoms.
Good and Evil. Everything you do, read, watch, play, hear, speak, and meditate on is coming from one kingdom or the other. Is everything a moral issue? No. But all morality is rooted from one kingdom or the other. And if you are careful you can be wise in discerning this. Do we always get this right? No. But hopefully we get it right more as we grow in our understanding and follow that star wise men still search for.

And just as in any game where the opponent pulls ahead and looks to have schooled you...
This game is not over.
And we are not defeated. 

There is coming a day when this game will end. All we see will be no more. And I want to be on the side of good. I want you to be with me. Because good is the final winner.

If you are looking for hope this Christmas I have some good news.
Evil loses in the end.

And  That Christmas Miracle?

He wins. 

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