Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite night of the year

So do you sense a theme in my past few posts?
You're so smart!

Yes that's right, "these are a few of my favorite things".

Before I start I wanted to ...Thank you, thank you for all your sweet messages over the past few weeks. Your phone calls, face to face conversations, emails and comments and  inbox's through Face Book have been so encouraging. Sometimes I wonder why I am compelled to write something and than one of you happens to tell me how something touched your soul and I seriously am humbled that God uses my weakness and glorifies himself in it. I am thankful he uses each of us to serve each other in many ways. You have been the gift of encouragement to me!

This morning I want to blog about one of my very favorite night's of the year.

This year I wasn't sure how it would all work out. Christmas is tricky when you're trying to build and move into a house. Many of you ask if we are about ready to move in. Yes we are. The end is in sight. In fact Jason is setting the Kitchen today! It's a beautiful day!!!!

I always like to have a pajama, polar express ride sometime in December. We surprise the kids with where we go and which night it will be. It's gotten a little harder as they have gotten older.
Back in the beginning we punched little pretend tickets, drove to town, got donuts and looked at lights. But each year we switch it up.

This year we gave them the PJ's (which now only consist of bottoms because no one seems to wear their shirts, and  they are a little past footie pajama's.) So on their beds we lay a wrapped gift. They open it up pretending to be surprised.
 And then we load up.

 I decided to make it about good grades.
We have some good students so we often get little free pizza coupons... which we always forget to use. By now, we have accumulated quite a stack so we used those for free pizza tonight.

Next we loaded up and headed 30 miles away.

A small journey. But we used the time to sing Christmas Carols.

We ended up at this place. 
Where the sign was on. HOT NOW! Oh my! Free donuts! They call them doughnut samples which confuses me... Usually one is a serving for me. But when they call it a sample it feels like I should have 3 or 4 more. 

We watched the donuts get glazed and boxed. The boxer was trying to keep up with the hot donuts that were making their way down the conveyor belt, which reminded me of the Lucy and Ethel episode where they are trying to keep up with boxing  the Chocolates! :0 I laughed reminding the kids how they stuffed those little chocolates everywhere to keep up so when their supervisor came in and saw they were keeping up she sped the machine up.

For our donuts this year we got almost 2 dozen free donuts. It pays to have good grades.

Did you know you can take your kids report cards in and they will give a free donut per A  up to 6, on a  report card?  Isn't that awesome? So between the free samples and boxes of donuts we walked out of there with 30 free donuts. Gracious!

After purchasing some coffee we headed over to see the lights. Which the kids actually were looking forward to!

And then we headed home to watch the polar express. Snuggling in with new jammies and soft blankets was the highlight for me. I don't think many of us made it through to the end of the movie, but mostly it was just being together. Laughing, telling riddles, singing songs, and talking of Christmas past.

It certainly is one of my Favorite Night's of the year!

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