Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas bells for 2012

So Christmas came once again. This year was a mixed bag.

We were happy to all be together. The newly weds surprised us all by showing up. 

Very Cool.

God answered our prayers in a way that we hoped and allowed Benji and Cindy to come home from Riley for Christmas.

Super Cool.

It was also pretty heavy because we knew that 3 days later Benj and Cindy would be moving to St. Louis until Benji can have the lung transplant. 
All the Cousins. With Grandpa and Grandma... and Dale. 

We had Fondue. One of my favorite traditions my mom  had started  when I was just a girl. About 5 years ago we decided it was a little too much. With this large of group it had become kind of a big deal so we did some other things in its place. But this year it got picked back up and the kids were happy, happy, happy. (excuse the Duck Dynasty expression, we may be a little obsessed in this house)

And I must admit... I loved it too.

And with Christmas this year comes the promise that our 8 month project of building and 13 month project of selling and moving is coming to an end.
We are in the last quarter... That's what I keep telling my kids.
It's like the last 4 minutes.  Hang on just a little longer.

They have helped so much over break. We filled nail holes and ran caulk around all the windows doors and base board one day. It was a long day and they did so well.

Jason has been working a ton on the house. He is AMAZING!!!!!

I keep dreaming of the day I can swing that door open and invite people in to sit. And eat. And do whatever we want to do without thinking of work.

We plan to move the middle of January. 

Before I go I want to tell you about this guy. He's my Favorite dad. He has blessed us by coming over practically every day for the past months. He just shows up, picks up whatever needs to be done and gets it done. He's always been that kind of dad. A worker. A steady plodder. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous gift he has been for many more reasons  other than just these past months. I could ask for no greater gift this Christmas! Thank you dad!

As I write tonight my feelings can be summed up in this...
Truly I can say, My cup runneth over.

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