Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear God...

Dear God,

 Tonight I am coming before you with a heart that feels like it may not be able to take another painful reminder that we live in a world of hurt. Sin has caused so much turmoil.

 I know I pray often to have a heart that breaks for the things that breaks yours but I am not sure how much more heartbreak I can take. I don't even know how to pray any longer and so I've taken to just praying your Word. I'm asking for grace over people who need your touch. Healing and restoration of bodies and relationships. A little Joy in the middle of darkness.

 I can't understand your plan. I don't have a clue what you are up to.
 I just believe that in this process something good will take place if I choose to praise you.

 I look at some of these things that are happening and want to remind you that it doesn't look fair.
 I know that you understand that because you walked here, and that wasn't very fair either. The Son of God who was praised as the centerpiece of creation, walked on dusty streets and had no place to lay his head. You know what it's like to be us. And that gives me reassurance that I'm not just doing this without you.

I remember the story of your friend who was very sick. His sisters, who you were also so close to, begged you to come save their brother. But you waited and did not leave right away. Upon your arrival you were accused of not working in the correct time because their brother had already died. You cried as you looked sin and death in the face and felt the sting of the loss and the intense pain that sin had brought onto your earth. And then you spoke exactly when you knew it was the ordained time and you called out to your friend to come forth from that grave. And he did.
He did!!
He came forth. And many people celebrated you.

 But there were those who hated you more.
 Sometimes it helps me just to remember that.
How you were hated for doing the right thing. Even what I would consider an exceptionally glorious miracle.

 Sometimes I remind myself of how you just loved people in spite of their skepticism and anger toward you. And I really like to think about the way you hated death and sickness just as much as I do and how you cried with your friends over it.
 I like to read about how you stood over your city and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem. And spoke of your love for her. I still pray today Lord for that peace over your city.

 If we've ever needed you Lord it's now.
 I ask for your face to shine on us and bring us peace. I don't mean you have to make it all go away. But I do ask for peace. 
Peace to crowd out the doubts that threaten to overwhelm.
 Peace to bathe in as we rest knowing you are in control.
 Peace to live in the middle of all circumstances we face.

And now, I will be still, and know you are God.

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