Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The strong arm of the Lord

It still gives me a chill every time I think of it. I take you back to last Thursday.

 My life is a lot of juggling these days. It is normally a bit busy this time of year...but this year it's just nuts. God gave me a gift when he gave me an extra driver. Although it did take some time to get used to the whole idea. And I still block out all the what if's and maybes when I can. But it really has come as a blessing because Jason is mostly working at the house in the evenings and that leaves me with 4 kids schedules and my own.

 I'm not sure why I told you that except I think mainly I just want your sympathy.So I'll move on.

 So life is full and my sweet 17 year old has stepped right up to the plate helping me make deliveries and run to piano or whatever else I may need. I had two places to be at once so she said very cheerfully that she would be happy to take Jalen, our 15 year old to his 3rd eye appointment...another story. While I went to Micah's, our 7th graders basketball game.

 Everything went fine. Got to the appointment. Game was finished. She arrived safely home.

 She was getting ready to leave again so she said "goodbye, love ya" and ran out the door. She was headed to a Starlights party. I heard her come running back in the house..."Mom my car won't back up any further". I told her she could just take my van I was going to be staying in tonight anyway.
So she went back out to leave but came in again. "Mom the car's in the way. I can't move it.", She said.
So I headed out to see if I could move it. I got in, she stood over on the passenger side.I put it in reverse and nothing happened. All of a sudden she started waving frantically and yelled "stop. Don't move!"

 I got out and came around to find this.

Yes it's off. The rod had broken right there. 
I gasped. And then gathered myself enough to take her to her party. She did tell me that she had heard the grinding for a few days but had failed to mention it. oppsie daisy. I may have been that girl once myself. Jus'sayin there was a night 20 some years ago when my car started making noises and I thought maybe if I turned the radio up it would stop. Oh it stopped all right. Right after the motor blew. So  you won't find me pointing fingers on this one.

When I got home from taking that newly turned 17 year old of mine to her friends house I walked back over to the car and my knees started to feel weak as I realized what had happened and how this night could have changed our lives forever. I had been graciously given another night with my 2 precious children. Because God had chosen it to be so. 
As I came in the house I looked at this mess that normally makes me fume and thanked God for those shoes on my floor.
My life isn't perfect. It's got a lot of chaos in it. But I have all that matters most with me right now. 
I am not promised it will be this way tomorrow. 
But today I will give Thanks for the strong arm of the Lord who chose to save.

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  1. Teenage drivers have been on my mind this week. Two teenagers died in a car accident in our area. My oldest son turned 13 last week, which is making me freak out about him being all that closer to 16! I can't tell you how thankful I am that your children are safe and were spared from potential tragedy.


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