Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet 16 a year late

Malaina turned 17 on September 29.
When she turned 16 I told her we would have a party... But we were in the middle of moving and life was pretty busy. So in character my ever understanding daughter said.. "Mom don't worry about it! 16 1/2 is what really matters. That's when I get my license." Well when August rolled around and no party had been planned I decided now this year I was going to do something big.
 So I texted her friend and let her do the inviting.
And I bought fitting party plates.
And made oodles of cupcakes.
And bought lots of candy.
Borrowed my friends popcorn machine.

Sophie had a friend over to play with.
I Made homemade hot chocolate.

 And told people to show up for a surprise party for Malaina.
I had a couple of friends show up for moral support.
Love you ladies!

Under the light of the moon we waited for the guest of honor to arrive.

While the bonfire blazed in the backyard.

And then we got the text from her friend...."we're on our way".

We waited in the cornfield and around the side of the shed.


And let me tell you she was. She had NO idea!

And may have been a little flustered. But look she was wearing a party dress like she was going to a party!!

 She had cousins and friends show up to hang out.
The birthday girl and wonderful dad! She still is a daddy's girl. Loving to sit next to him whenever she can!

Evan says.... "We did it"! Or maybe he was just being crazy.


Here's the lady who helped pull it off. Malaina's friend Carly.

 Friends are such a blessing and I am so thankful they came to make her feel special.
 Our family tradition has always been that we share something we like about the birthday person.
As we sat around the next night speaking of our favorites I begin to get this lump in my throat. The reality hit me with a thundering force.... My sweet girl is going to be 18 next year and our days of sitting around as a complete family on a birthday are numbered. I almost couldn't get my words of affirmation out as I swallowed hard and blinked harder. This girl has blessed our home in so many ways. I will not think about the hole she will leave when she skips off to college.
We have been evaluating where that may be and scheduling some visits soon.
It's just too quick for me.
I need more time.
But for today I am glad to have her close.
Her smile says all you need to know.
She is a delightful girl and I am honored to be her mom.


  1. Well, now you made me cry! What a special night you gave her!

  2. you are such a good mom, rose!! my 16th birthday present was also postponed until i was 17. rest assured, she doesn't feel any LESS loved AND this is something you will still be able to talk about when she is 33.. .just like my mom and i do :)


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