Monday, October 22, 2012

Not Guilty As Charged

I must say this election has got people all up in each others grills.

I think the last election was almost as volatile but my memory kind of blocked out most of it.
And I believe that while it is a very important one there is a lot of false information in the media and even in the debates. Why else do we need  to go to places like "fact check" to see if what they are saying is accurate?

I've watched every debate. I don't mind sparing. But I hate lies. Please just tell the truth.

All these spins and drudging up who said this in private and who did that a decade ago got me thinking about another one that likes to accuse and bring up the past and spin it so it looks worse than we may have intended it to be. He likes to make us feel insecure and small and insignificant.
He takes past regrets and mistakes and throws them in our faces. Sometimes he uses others to accomplish that. Sometimes he just whispers it in our ears over and over and over....

If this was "fact check" I may have to concur with much of his accusations.
But For Grace.

If you and I have accepted the fact that one came once for all to take away the guilt of our sins we are no longer held hostage to the enemy's grip.

When we continue to listen to the accuser we indeed are losers. We lose on so many levels. He likes to keep us in the corner bound up as he stands center stage and hurls accusations our direction. He tells us we will never be free. He reminds us of yesterday. He laughs in our face.

And When we believe the accusations and allow him to continue his attack we are ignoring the very thing that Jesus came to do.
Save us From our Sins.
And his blood is all we need to tell the accuser...
"I am not guilty as you have charged".

One of the best ways I counteract this is through Bible Memory.
When the enemy comes with his pot shots, and I realize what's happening, I start repeating Bible verses.
Out Loud.
I ask him if he remembers the cross, and the blood and his future?
Which makes me look a little odd. But I don't care.
It drives him away. And makes the accuser's accusations get weaker and the truth of what really took place on the cross and the grace that I am freely given makes me pause in complete gratitude for my Jesus.

So when he comes, as he does and will, let's not let him corner us into believing his lies that we will have to live in the corner with the facts of our decade old sins. Or maybe it was last weeks sin. It doesn't matter. In fact the  longer we have lived the more chances we have to get it wrong  which gives him more ammunition against us.

But there is One who always tells the truth.He will be the judge on the final day.
He whispers... You are forgiven...I paid for that sin...You can go free.
And the verdict?
"Not guilty as Charged".

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  1. I like that..the Bible as the ultimate 'fact check.' So true, and a simple 'fact' that I'd like to live out every day.

    Thank you, Rose.


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