Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Political Post... Read at your own risk

Everyone needs Compassion, The kindness of the Savior...
This song has been one of my favorites for a long time.
And tonight as I sang it my mind went for a ride.

I very rarely comment or post about politics.
For several reasons.
One being I am not very knowledgeable about all that goes on in the political arena.
Second, I like to get along, and this often makes people more irritated and at odds then any other subject so... I steer clear.
But there is another reason.

I am uncomfortable with something that I feel in the pit of my stomach. I can't always put my finger on it but tonight it just became this gnawing discomfort that drove me to my computer.
It's just that I hate cover ups.
I think they stink. I hate when institutions do it. I hate when individuals do it.
It just makes me feel lousy.
And tricked.
And lied too.
Or about.

So what? You ask.
What's your point?

Well, sometimes if I'm honest I think Christians are kind of in cover up mode.
Maybe unknowingly.
Perhaps very intentional.

It's just always easier to cry, "Foul and Unfair and Look over there at those people and how bad they are", rather than to take a good look inside and see that we, the ones who are most offended, are indeed guilty.

This is what I mean.
For years the Church of Jesus has been busy doing stuff. We are BUSY people.
And yet all that stuff hasn't brought about a more faithful bride but one that has been spotted and blemished and full of hypocrisy. One who would rather point out there than clean up in here.

Sinners Sin.
It's what they do. It's all they know.
 And they will continue sinning.

But we are supposed to have an answer for them.
The Church is supposed to be different.

I am uncomfortable with Christians decrying and rising up against same sex marriage and yet secretly filling their minds with immoral pictures, books,movies and entertainment. With statistics of divorce and adultery being no different for church goer's than their neighbors.

(Please don't misunderstand. We have all fallen short.  I am speaking of an unrepentant heart that continues to walk in willful sin.)

I am uncomfortable with Church people who are saying,"Take us back to the traditional values of our founding fathers with one Nation under God", when they themselves are unsure if the Bible is inspired or completely accurate. Where the red letters of the Bible have become the only sure words of Jesus.

I am uncomfortable with the lack of forgiveness and compassion expressed in the church. I don't mean toleration and overlooking  sin. I mean an "I love you but what your doing is sin and it's bringing about death in you." kind of compassion for people.

I am uncomfortable with all the gossip that has ruined relationships or our perceptions of each other. When we don't even know the truth but we have believed the gossip and made judgments on one another because of a poisonous, unbridled tongue.

I think if Christ's followers stuck to being the Church. The ones who were as intentional at learning how to walk in forgiveness and compassion and kind words for each other. People who cared as much  for the lost as we did our bank accounts, we would be a different America.

I'm just sayin'

Maybe it's not them.

What if ....It's us?

Sin has  been around a long time. And corruption. And cover ups. And the enemy.

Yes that enemy. The deceiver. He is the one we can be enraged with.
 He is behind this you know.
The one who is laughing as this world dies not knowing the one thing that could save them.

And we muddle around and wonder how we can fix this and how we can take it back.
And fear grips us and makes us worry that we won't have enough and that our children will have to pay for our foolish mistakes.
And I say, Yes they will.
But it will be far worse if they have to pay for our spiritual blindness than our financial loss.

It is the turn around of the Church that needs to happen.
 The falling on our knees in repentance as we see our own sin.
The brokenness of our hearts as we realize we have strayed away from our first love.
Once again following the first and greatest commandment to Love the Lord our God with all our hearts and love others as we love ourselves.

I want to be clear, I am a voting citizen. And I have no doubt who I will vote for.

But I will not be swayed into thinking this is the hope of my future. 
Because friends, Jesus is my only hope.
One day I will stand before him thanking him for his compassion. Falling on my face before the one who saved this rotten, stinky sinner and made me alive and whole and forgiven.

Yes indeed Everyone  needs compassion.
Everyone needs a Savior.
I hope I never forget that.

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  1. Amen, sister, amen. Thank you for your willingness to be transparent. It's refreshing.


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