Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ministry.. Who really benefits?

I love people.

But if you asked me to work any where with any one I choose it would be
The Very Old and the Very Young.
I love little children and Love the seasoned ones.

I remember as a child I would make up lists of names that I would use for my large family one day. They kept changing. And so did the number of children I was going to have.
Well when the children actually started coming and the reality of how much energy raising them actually took my mind begin to question if 12 was what I was called to... or even if 6 was such a wise number for me.

I have been leading the young ones in song.
They sing like it's nobody but them and God in the room.
At the top of their voices with expression that needs no encouragement.
They like to chat with me. They see me after church and  call to me "Hi Miss Rose".
I think they have so much potential. I pray for their generation that they will be more faithful to God then the previous generations.
I pray that they will know him and stand for him.
I am starting to teach them the same books of the Bible song I learned from one of those older saints in Bible School when I was only a sprout.

 When I was in middle school I began to write letters to the widow ladies at church. I remember feeling convicted over the James passage that tells me that the religion God our Father accepts is to look after widows and orphans. Which is still a convicting passage to me...So I decided to start a little "ministry" of my own.
They were the sweetest most non judgmental saints this young PK could have as prayer warriors and cheerleaders. I still can remember their sweet hugs, smiles and praise as I would greet them.
My grandmother was one of those ladies.
I thought she was the kindest, caring,most gentle lady.

And now, it is still so.
The older people are the ones who cheer lead.
As I move among them in a sea of silver heads and precious conversations I realize my time with them is probably short. And I grieve over the thought of losing any one of those much needed prayer warriors.
I love to watch the gentle way many of the men treat their wives.
I love the spunk they express as they bounce back from hip injuries and cold viruses.

Jason and I have a couple we love to be with. They are in their 80's. He has been a spiritual mentor to Jason. Cheering him forward. She is the embodiment of who I long to be in my 80's. A lover of Jesus and the lost. Warmth oozes from her as she speaks. They came to cheer me on when they heard I was going to be leading worship close by. In many ways the grandparents I no longer have.
We spent the evening with them recently. We talked over frothy Root beer floats as jazz music played softly floating from the next room. My heart was warmed as  I saw him look at her with the most loving eyes often calling her 'love' when he addressed her.We talked of many things. Concerns, the state of our country, the beauty of the Autumn trees, the greatness of our God. After a meaningful time of visiting it was time to make our departure. As we ended our time together Jason prayed blessing over them and their household. I couldn't help but peek. His wrinkled and worn hand lay over top of her tiny one. My eyes filled as I realized this was indeed a holy moment.

The two ends of life.
The beginning with hope of the future.
The end with wisdom of a life of experience.
I think both are to be treasured and learned from.

Ministry Needs no title.
We don't have to be pastors, or teachers, or worship leaders, or board members, deacons, or Church Secretaries.
Never forget that whoever, whatever, and wherever, you are, if you work at it for God's Kingdom.

It is important work.
And in the middle of it all the biggest surprise has been that even though I thought I was the one ministering I realized I have been the recipient of the ministry all along.
And in fact, perhaps have been more blessed  than I have blessed.

What a privilege to be a part of my Father's work.

What a tremendous gift he has lavished on us that we would be called his sons and daughters.
That although imperfect and flawed he loves us and has a plan for us.

You have been called to something.
And even if you are never publicly recognized God knows.

And when we step out in faith and do the thing we are called to do
WE are the ones who benefit.


  1. Your lament about losing our much needed prayer warriors when the seasoned ones in our lives die...that totally resonates with me. That is one of the things that I grieved for when my Grammy died. I still grieve over that.

    You are so right that we are all involved in ministry when we reach out to others around us. Thanks for the encouragement today. :-)

  2. I believe prayer is the most powerful ministry a person can have. Selah. Ü


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