Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor day Camp out 2012

 We Went to Camp Amigo this year for our annual camp out. We were missing 3 for the weekend. Which made us sad. We have around 30 when we all get together.

 Craft time... Painting Rocks

 Which got everyone's creative juices flowing
 Lady bugs, turtles and frogs

 Cindy and Allen planned the weekend events.

 They organized a whole bunch of minute to win it games. They worked very hard and had some fun activities planned!                                                                      

We were distinguished by our hair color which was sprayed in an assortment of colors.
 Toilet paper toss

He just makes me laugh with this shirt.

More hair love

Pencil toss and catch.

How long does it take you to balance 6 dice on a stick?

Kleenex box race

And some volleyball fun

On Sunday afternoon Jason and I took a little walk and happened to find these cute fishermen girls.

They were a little leery of touching those nasty worms so they just cut them with a cup.

Here they are baiting their hooks. Well all except that little one who seems to be hiding from the camera. I got her though! :)

"I'm stuck here can you help me?"

"GROSS" was the scream! "I have seaweed muck on my hook"!!!

Daddy to the rescue.

And now what do we do with these fish? Well like any fishermen we pick them up with the same cup we are cutting the worms with.

We show her she can pick it up by the tail. She's not sure but eventually tries it. 


 "OH Noooo look we are all twisted up"!
Gold fish sized blue gill

 He got caught in the weeds when  he was thrown back in. The little one has now gotten braver and volunteers to touch him, freeing him so he can swim away.
 Big cousin Cory comes back with the catch of the day.
 A big bullfrog! How funny!

Cousins just have so much fun when we take time to make memories together.

 I'm grateful that God made us into families.
None of us have perfect ones. Because well we aren't perfect people. But if we can try to find ways to accept differences and embrace what we have in common it can work.
And God gives us an important reminder to forgive as we have been forgiven.

Many of you  see pictures posted on blogs of families and may wonder  "am I the only one who doesn't have a family that works out"?
Just know that this family is very normal...normal in the sense that we have our own problems.

 But forgiveness is what holds us together. The minute we stop forgiving we will deteriorate. Keeping records of wrongs is a sure way to tear people apart. Disrespect breeds disrespect.
I remind myself along with you to think about where you want to be in the next decade. What do we want our family to look like. Either the one you live with or the one you were born into. What steps do I need to take today to make sure my children know they are loved for who they are.
Or How can I extend a gracious hand of mercy when I don't feel like it?
Forgiveness and Mercy.
It's not too late to begin today.

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  1. How fun! Entertaining as always to look at pics from your family adventures! Simply stated yet such a powerful principle - thanks for sharing Rose <3 Katrina


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