Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthday Boy turns 15

My poor neglected little old blog.

I am sorry!
But I have not had a minute to think of writing all that has happened in this month.
Someday's my head feels like it may explode.
Other days I think it did.
And sometimes I don't like what the explosion looks like.
I have been working extra for someone who has been off.
And I had 3 birthdays to participate in or plan.
The first of the month was my first born son. Jalen- Who turned 15.
He is a Freshmen this year in a new school.
Where he seems to be relaxed in a way that is good and peaceful and I am pleased with what I see.
He is always, as always, very smiley.
Especially when people interact with him.
His Witt and quick lines keep us laughing.

I also love his serious side. It comes out every now and again. And when it does I need to be all prayed up because he has lots of questions.
 Some accusations.
And deep thoughts of life.
I love that he is real.
He smells fake a mile away.
We spoke with him recently for the first time on some things we felt he was ready to understand and I loved the way he was able to ask the important questions, get some things out that had obviously been on his chest for awhile, and see a bigger picture of life.
He is changing so quickly.
But he still loves bacon. Which is what he requested for his birthday breakfast. I did ask him if he would care to have anything with his bacon and of course he chose pancakes which is his other favorite food.
Along with Syrup. Syrup on the entire breakfast.
Okay then.
I will post more about September next week when October comes.

And some may be curious about whether we will make the deadline (when the snow flies) to move in to our house. We are beginning to wonder ourselves. Unless the snow doesn't fly till the first of the year.
 I can report there are windows and doors in now. Electric.Check.Furnace.Check. Although not hooked up.
 All good things.
Jason has a brother who so kindly said he would come help next week.. Hopefully they will get to wire the house. YAY!
I am starting to say things like... I don't really need that. Which may make us sad in the long run but I doubt it. Life goes on even if there isn't a tray ceiling in the bedroom. 
Mostly, I just want to be in it.
And plant a garden.
I have missed my garden more than I can fully express.
Every time I hear people talking about gardens or see what produce came from it,
I feel a strange tug like a big part of my heart was left a year ago in my garden.
It's just dirt. What's the deal? I love to plant. And watch it grow. I hate weeds. But really who loves them? I am a nurturer by nature and gardens seem to be a great place to let that passion go.
 I sure have missed tomatoes and herbs!

Next spring my garden will be the first project on my list. Who cares if the house isn't sided. I will have a garden with a plant or two growing in it. :)

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