Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That One thing

I have been leaving to pick my kids up from school a little early so I can get in a little walk before they are finished for the day.
It's been a good thing. The weather has been so fabulous and I know with my weird schedule right now that I am desperately trying to find some sort of normal. My body is the first to tell me that. My sleep patterns, eating, running, all of it are just really sporatic and frankly messed up.

When I find my groove I feel it everywhere. My thoughts, and emotions balance out along with feeling better physically.
Well, today as I was returning to my car I realized that although I had spent the time enjoying the beauty of the day my mind was distracted and I had forgotten to spend time talking to Jesus which is what I like to do when I am alone. It's a great time to lift my kids and the cares of my heart to the one who cares more than anyone else.
And I had forgotten to even tell him I loved him.
Well I quickly in the last 45 seconds tried to squeeze a couple of sentences out.
Stellar I know.
But if you read my blog you know my best material comes from real life.

Preoccupation with the here and now. Worrying about what I cannot change, instead of spending time with the one who changes things.
And then sometimes, like the other night I was walking under the moon light and stars and I had spent much of my entire walk lifting up requests for my kids to many  of my friends who are hurting or need healing. As I spotted the lights of home I realized I hadn't been still long enough to hear from him. But as I quieted my heart and listened I heard this... " Look how big I am Rosy."
 I melted.
All the cares I had just spoken to him of went away as I realized how Large and IN CHARGE my Father is.

It's a relief to know that Jesus had friends like me that he rubbed elbows with when he walked on earth.
Remember his friend Martha?
The one who was so busy making dinner she forgot to stop and enjoy his company?
Yeah, I'm like her.
I like to think that Martha didn't always spend her time organizing the world. I believe that she had moments where she worshiped at the feet of Jesus. But this day she forgot.
Just like me.
And not only did she forget it kind of made her mad that her sister was being a slacker!
Oh my!
How often have I complained to him about being the only worker. The only one who cares about picking up things around the house. The only one who... The only one...
Just like Martha.

When she went to Jesus with the concern of her sister Mary's lack of participation in her party events... Jesus said, "YOU are worried and upset about many things, BUT only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her". Luke 10:38-42

And I am reminded too as I hear him say, not in a condemning, "You fail" but "I have a better way". Sit at my feet and stop letting your busy mind run wild with all you have to do. Because in the end he knows  what I really need to make it through this life.

Time at his feet.
It's the one thing I cannot push aside.
Mary chose the better thing and so must I.


  1. aww. You made me cry good tears today Rose! Just what I needed to be reminded of. again.

  2. AWwwwwe! And you made me cry with your encouraging word. Were in it together! Hugs!

  3. Thank you for sharing our heart. I needed this reminder.


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