Monday, August 20, 2012

School Time

Well it's back to school time.
I for the first time in many years was actually excited to get on a schedule. I do have a new freshmen on my hands. But these two are headed off to a new school experience and I have to say my fears are not as great thinking of them in little classes in a private school. It feels "safe". And although I know we are never safe it does feel like some of their negative  influences will be minimized.

 The little one is going into 4th grade. Our first born son is a Freshmen! Here they are on their first day.

 And here is the 7th grade football player. He is loving football this fall. I think he's as tall as his big brother.

My Firstborn daughter. She is now a Jr. She is on Student counsel and on Starlights Show Choir.

After I had everyone where they needed to be My sister in law had invited us over for a beautiful breakfast. She always makes time at her house feel special.

So we ate and shared out on her deck. What a beautiful way to start the school year.

Even China and tea cups on  an antique table cloth that was my grandmas's. 

And then I got to meet this lovely friend for lunch. I used a picture her husband took of us on July 4th. I love being with her. She brings joy to my bones

. I really don't wear floppy hats around town. Although if it were a practice my community did I would be the first to join. :) If I lived down south I wouldn't have to do my hair. I'd just always wear hats!

I Am anticipating a fresh new beginning in this new year. This year our last day before school  we went out for breakfast... the kids and I did... and then we came home and watched old home movies. It was so heart warming to see those little guys and how cute they were....but part of me is really grateful they are a little more independent.
I know my kids are growing up.... but it's okay. They are supposed to. And I think they are fun to be around. So it's good. They are my earthly prize. I am blessed.

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  1. Great post! My boys are headed back on Wednesday. I am NOT ready for them to go back this year, they are at such a fun age (10 and 12) and so fun to be around. I will miss them dearly.

    I love the floppy hat! I have a couple that I love to wear at the beach and sometimes at soccer games.

    Best wishes to your kiddos for the new school year!


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