Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

This weekend we traveled 10 hours one way to be with Jason's family.
It was a beautiful ride and the arrival was even prettier.
We passed barns and fields, cities and bridges. Whenever we travel I always wonder "what are the people like who live here?" "Where do they work?" And in some areas I wonder... "Now why are we afraid of getting overpopulated?" There seems to be plenty of space right here in this field. :)

We travel not just because we wanted to take a break from building. We traveled to see Jason's family in Pennsylvania for our annual family reunion.
This was the new sweet baby boy at the event. 
Justus Ramos.

Every sibling was able to be there.
It is always interesting to see where people are at.
Grandpa will be 80 in a couple of weeks. That's a long time to live. And he has seen alot. He will tell you about it if he gets a chance.
Gater and quadwheelers were constantly roaring around the acreage.

On Saturday there were lots of messy games planned. Water fights. Kickball on a big slippery piece of plastic. And at the end the kids made some human sundaes. WOW! Good sport uncles let the kids put all kinds of sticky gooey topping on their head.

Some good clean fun :)
That looks like a plan hatching right there.
For some reason Jason seemed to be involved in a lot of one on one ultra-cations.

Sophie found her little friend and cousin Jada. She was with her most of the weekend.

This is Jada and her grandma... My sister in law Deb.
What a sweetie. And she's at such a fun stage.

Games of every sort were played throughout the weekend.

 Then we took some photos around Jason's sisters house where the whole tribe spent the weekend.

Jon and Zonya hosted us along with their amazing family. Those girls of theirs served us the entire weekend. Making sure we all had plenty of food and cleaned up after us.
 Here we are with our bunch.

I got a couple of other shots of individual families.
This is Jason's 2 oldest brothers and their families. 

On Sunday evening Jason and I got to run over to a friends house who lived in the area. These are friends that go waaaay back. Tonya was my camp friend. After camp we went to college together for one year. She invited some mutual friends that went to the same school. It was so much fun. We laughed as we caught up and remembered what we were like oh so many years ago...
Sophie also got to catch up with Tonya's daughter Tia. They met a number of years ago. They hit it off once again.

On Monday after a breakfast buffet we loaded back up for our trip home. One of ours was already passed out in the back seat.
And this was the expression on our Pennsylvania family faces as we prepared to drive away. 

I'm not sure why they look so happy. It's hurtful. But I'll get over it :)
It is always good to go.
But I gotta say...
There's just no place like coming home.

Today we unpack and tomorrow we go back to school.

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  1. It looks like this bunch has a lot of fun when you get together. Was good to see a pict of you & Sophie with Tonya & Tia too. Had to laugh out loud when I saw the last picture. :)



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