Friday, August 3, 2012

Building Building Building

Two months of blog free blogging and my face book deactivated has been refreshing.
I do feel a little removed from the general hobnobbing of social media but life has been so very very busy.

I started a job in mammography as an imaging assistant. I trained full days for the month of June into the first week of July. But now I am down to 2 1/2 days a week and it has been much more manageable.

We are also in the framing stages of building.Siding has been on our minds... What color should the house be? If you read this blog or know me well you know that I love painting and picking out color. I was excited to think about doing this for a whole house. So it surprised me when the exterior has been such a very hard decision.

We have processed several options and have waffled back and forth. We ordered windows in brown thinking we would do a bold red siding with cream trim and sandstone windows... But the more we talked about it white seemed better inside. Eiy yi yi!!! It seems so permanent and important... I finally looked at Jason and said, "Would you just decide?"
Well we did come to a decision together and I think I'm going to like it.

My hard working man has spent so many days over at the house. He is a craftsman and I am thankful for his sharp eye for details as we go through this process.

These are week old pictures. The roof is now completely framed. We will be having the roof shingled. Next is the wiring for electric.

By the way...
The final decision(I think) for the house Color...
Ta Da.....

Plain old gray and white.
I'm excited about the winter snow against the gray and white. With red accents and a black door.
I think I'm going to like plain ole' gray and white.


  1. Love the gray and white! God bless you today!

  2. I love the color you chose. It's classic and it will be awesome!! Love the idea of red accents with a black door. I can't wait. It's really come a long way since we've seen it!!!!!! We will come over soon again!!!! Love, Heather

  3. Excited for you all, keep us updated with pictures! Jenna leaves for college aug 16 ): Tim and I will be empty nesters but we're looking forward to reunitining and have a good time! Have a blessed day, sweet friend!

  4. I have always loved the look of a grey siding house with white trim. I think it has a New England feel to it. Can't wait to see more pics of the house going up!

  5. OMW! We put up plain ole gray and white, but with red doors and my black shutters were to go up again, BUT I am loving it without. We didn't use siding, we used metal. I did use the ole wooden barn beams on one of the 4 porches. You'll love the gray, we do!!!


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