Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brown Baggin' It

With school starting so does the necessity of lunch packing.
I sometimes just get into these loooong non creative modes. In fact I usually end up sending a check and letting them buy.
This year it's different because lunch cannot be bought for 2 of my kiddos.
So I want to  get on top of these lunch box blues while it's still new.

Now, Starting the year is always much more fun to pack then lets say February.
But the really nice thing is that the non buyers do have microwave access. So that makes life a little easier.

Today I got to take a long walk with my friend Heather. I'd post pictures of my blisters to prove how long it was... And to warn you against wearing ill fitting shoes on said walks but it was gross so I'll just show you pretty pictures of food instead.
Now where was I? O yes, Heather...
She is inspiring in all things domestic. Especially my organization dreams.
She gave me a little tip that she did and I hopped right on that idea.
Frozen fruit cups.
Take one quart frozen peaches and 1 quart frozen strawberries. Add one can of Sprite or Sierra Mist or whatever lemon lime soda you want...  freeze this in small cups. I added other fruit. Like banana's or grapes.    Easy Easy.

I found a great sale on grapes so I washed them and had the little one help me pull them apart and bag them in baggies. Then we threw them in the freezer for little pops of frozen delight.
How about some meat and cheese kabob's?  Please don't judge me for the bologna. I rarely get it. But my kids and Jason do like that "meat" a lot. :0
The exceptionally cool thing is... You can put your kabob's in a container with a lid on the fruit and then one over the meat and cheese. The frozen fruit serves as an ice pack!

More fruit. My kids just want to eat it. "Mom can I have more fruit slush"? Has been an ongoing question this evening. "Nope  Eat the  Kiwi", I keep saying.  I do have concerns about these boxes even making it to the morning for lunches.
I also have lots of granola bars and bags of pretzels for them to grab for an easy pack.

Of course if all else fails we can revert to PB and J. Or Wraps.

What are your brown baggin' favorites?

 I would love to hear them!


  1. Now that's a great idea...the cheese and meat kabobs kept cold by the frozen fruit slush! Bravo!

    Fortunately my oldest likes the same thing in his lunch everyday, and since he has to make it himself, it goes quickly. That's the rule in our house: once you start middle school, mama doesn't pack lunches anymore!

    No creative ideas here, just the usual suspects: PB&J; lunchmeat; string cheese; yogurt; fruit; bag of chips or pretzels. Once in a blue moon, I throw in a candy to surprise them both!

  2. Thanks Kathy! I always love to hear from you! Hope your first day went well! How lucky that your son likes the same thing everyday!

  3. Awwww...thank you for your kind words. You inspire me in so many ways too...that's why I love our long walks!!! I had 2 blisters too!! Which prompted a new shoe purchase over the weekend. I'm ready for you tomorrow morning again!!! <3


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