Monday, August 20, 2012

3rd grade date

Well I went for a third-ish grade date for my final time.
In the past years we have taken our kids on a special date in the third grade to give them some facts...uh hum. You know about growing up and boys and girls and yeah well you know.

So when my little one got to third grade she started anticipating this little special trip to wherever she chose(within reason). She did think New York City or Ethiopia would both be great ideas but Chicago is just a lot closer so we went there.

To the American Girl store just like big sis chose.
I woke early on Saturday Morning... With a bit of nervousness. Not because I don't like to talk with them about sensitive matters. But its just always sad for me to fill these little innocent minds with stuff that I'm not sure they are ready for... and frankly I had put this off because I wasn't sure she was ready. She's my baby. And it felt early. But I knew that she had expectations of this day together and I wanted to make it special for her.
So I woke her up saying... "Today's the day.. You and I get to go on our third grade date". She was very excited.

We arrived in Chicago just in time for an early lunch. In the AG tea room. It is an overpriced meal that made me almost run out the back door. But I told her she was special and we were going to splurge today. So we ate on china plates with mediocre food. However the presentation was beautiful.

There were veggies and appetizers first. They had little cards on the table to help start conversation. One question was... Who is the funniest person you know? Her answer? Micah! Me: What about dad? He's funny! She: No he's just mostly embarrassing!
Just like these pricey plates I tried to weave into this day messages about her saving herself for one man one day when she gets married. China is delicate and we are careful with it. Girls are like china. We are not paper plates.. easily discarded. We must believe that about ourselves. We are precious to our maker and we need to treat our bodies in special ways. Not easily discarded but carefully keeping ourselves from being trashed.
She will have many questions along the way.
She asked a couple but quickly wanted to change the subject.
It was awkward. Which is the common denominator with all of her siblings on these dates.
But our intention has been to be the first ones who open this subject up with them. We want to be the ones that answer the questions they have on these matters. And it has been rewarding as the older ones seem to be open to asking us questions on this topic.

She chose a salad instead of a side of mac n cheese. That's my girl!
We also talked of modesty and how it is important how we present ourselves to others. Trying to be careful to be ladies who care for ourselves and for those around us by our dress.

I love her little spunk. I see myself in her almost every day. I was able to talk with her about graciousness and how we need to watch how we speak to others. I too, follow two boys in the birth order. We are both last born's. I chatted with her of her inner thoughts on that. And prayed with her asking God to help us both to  be gracious in all our relationships. Forgiving and being a friend even when our friends may not be kind. Trying to bring others in who look lonely or new. And learning how to keep our tongues in check when we want to control or speak in ways that aren't honoring to others or God. 
It was a great day together. 
I must admit Chicago would not be somewhere I want to raise my chicks. It was frustrating for me to navigate through all of the traffic.

 I was VERY happy to bring my 4th grader back to her country home. 


  1. i think Sophie was only entering Kindergarten when you told me about your tradition of "3rd grade dates" are you SURE she's old enough already?? :) i just wanted to let you know that i was truly inspired when you told me about those dates and i decided then and there that i wanted to do something similar with my children (of course, at the time, i just had one baby girl and i thought maybe nate would have to participate eventually, too.... with the third girl on the way, it looks like this may be MY gig!!)
    anyway... thanks for sharing about your date. it brought tears to my eyes.... so now i'm going to go pray that "3rd grade" doesn't come too soon!!!! :)

  2. I love that little girl too! I love your ideas and so glad I met you just at the time Isabella needed this date. You are wise my friend. I so blessed to call you that.


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