Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life is a roller coaster ride...

I can't believe it's June 11.
I think I have been running full speed since April or was it March?

Here are some of the highlights.

Sophia's Dance recital.

Malaina won State with the Starlights.
She also finished in the top ten of her Sophomore class.

We've taken numerous rides on the Pumpkin Vine.
Once with friends over spring break. Several times with the kids on a weekend night... And this past weekend Jason's Brother Al his wife Alma and their kids were here so we took them on it.

We wrapped up school at the end of May.
Here is Sophia and her teacher Mrs. Troyer.
The last day I went in for awhile to help supervise games day. It was fun to see the kids interact.
Swimming and eating ice cream with friends.
We went to the lake with some friends but I didn't have my camera along:( the kids had a RIOT
inter-tubing and knee boarding.
And of course Baseball.

Jalen played for his last season of little league this year. He has grown up so much since he first started playing oh so many years ago.
Micah has had a great season as well. He mostly catches but here we caught him pitching... a rare moment of seeing his face without a mask on it. :)
Sophia has also been playing Softball. She is in the pitching machine league. She will move on next year.
She had just smacked the ball and was giving me the thumbs up at first.

Here's the clan on the morning of the last day of school.Jalen played tennis again this spring. Here he is with his good friend Seth.

Sophia at her Spring Recital. She is graduating from elementary school. Wow! She will be leaving the school system and going to a private school next year.

Micah finished another year of Piano. Here he is at his recital with his great teacher  Kay.She has taught all but the little one Piano. Last fall I asked Malaina to teach Sophia so I didn't have one more place to run. She has done a wonderful job! In fact it started up a little business for her and she now has 7 students.
Micah has shown a lot of determination this year in learning new instruments along with continuing to be a great piano player. He had the opportunity to play banjo in an American idol contest his school had along with playing guitar and piano in spring concerts. 

We took Memorial Day and headed to South Haven. One of my favorite little towns along Lake Michigan.

It was a perfect weather day. Not too hot or cold.
Aren't they so massive?

And look at those lovelies!!

Jalen graduated 8th grade. He ended up on the Honor Roll with awards for his AR points. He has finished Middle School Strong! Our hearts are smiling as we see the big strides he has taken to excel academically this year! He will be leaving and attending a Private School next year as well. We are looking forward to watching as God orders his steps and leads him through High School.

And Then Just on a side note...

It was so amazing to see the first strip of top soil moved. After all these years of waiting to realize a dream being fulfilled is very rewarding.
And by the end of the day a big hole was in the ground.

Several days later the foundation was poured.

On top of all this I finished the year in the Lunch room and God has allowed me to get a new job that I started yesterday. I will be working at women's clinic as an imaging assistant. When I think of the blessing of this job I am just in awe of how God leads where we don't even dream to go. I will be glad when the training is over. But I am looking forward to the future.
So life has been just a bit busy.
 But it's good.
I am blessed.


  1. Congrats on the new job! And yes, it looks like your life is busy but filled with lots of achievements and successes along the way. Eager to see the new house shaping up....keep us posted with pics!

  2. Hi Rose, your blogs are so inspiring to me. So glad we met again while the girls were at camp. Wish we could have caught up longer. Hope your job is going well and the house is coming along just fine! Miss you on facebook. Have a great day!


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