Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Recently I was in a building that had many doors going into a large room. I tried the one closest to me and it was locked. So I walked over to the next set of doors and cautiously jiggled the door hoping it would open in a  miraculous fashion, but no. After trying the third set of doors with no success I turned on my heels and headed in another direction. But I felt a little dejected. I really wanted in and there were actually people in there and no one invited me to join. Yes I was careful not to be disruptive but felt like I was unwanted.

We each have  a set or two or three or more in our lives.

Some doors are left swinging wide open and it's easy to walk through. Some are shut but if we knock we know  someone will answer and let us in. And then sometimes doors are shut so tight it feels like there really isn't going to be an invitation to join anytime soon.

I have some doors that have recently been swinging Wide open... Welcoming me in without even a knock.

And some that have felt like I couldn't pry them open with a crow bar.
It's disturbing.
And it makes me feel insecure when that happens.
I wonder if I am so flawed that the person on the other side can see something so hideous that they don't even want to give me a chance.
And I wonder if I even have what it takes anymore.
Or ever did?.

Then of course I think.... Do I make people feel like my door is shut so tightly that the handle is glued and won't budge?
And They can't get in.
That there will be no place for them ever.
I pray I don't.
And won't.
And ask for forgiveness if I have unknowingly done that.

There is one who knocks on doors every day.
Every Hour.
Every minute.

 He says If anyone will hear my voice and will open the door... I will come in.

The choice is ours.
Will we choose to let him inside?
We can pretend we don't hear.
Or that we're not home.
He will not barrel through the door.
He is a gentleman.

But he wants to sit with us and tell us that he is enough for us.
He whispers... "I formed you and I know you have what it takes".
And when we know who we are in him locked doors won't hurt quite as much.

Because  I know this...
His is the only door that really matters.

And in our lives there will be no door left locked that he wants us to walk through.

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