Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Virginia wedding

Last weekend my oldest nephew Anthony got married.
I was 15 when he was born. And he was our sweet little joy. As soon as he was old enough to wiggle we would place him in the middle of the room and circle around him waiting for him to move. And as he was growing up he would keep us entertained with his large words. Always waiting for a new story from my brother and his wife.

And then somewhere along the way....
He became a man.
And what a good man he is.
We celebrated his wedding with this delightful lady he chose to be his wife.
Lauren and Anthony.

I Love weddings like this that are full of hope, promise, and meaning. I believe when these 2 said "I do", they meant it for life.

What a charming wedding they had.

Here is Megan with her new sister. 

What stunning brothers.
Anthony and his beautiful sister Megan.

                                                                             My oldest brother Jim and his wife Shirley.

 Here's my whole family. Except for Jasmine. We were sad she couldn't be along.

And then I snagged a couple of my kids for some shots. Micah I think you are just about as sweet as you could be!  It's our secret... cause I know you don't especially want to be known as "sweet" now that you're 12 and a half.                                                    

 Malaina and Jason. I just love this picture of my precious daughter and her daddy!

Me and the little one... who has recently announced is not a fan of my reference to her as the little one.  Sophie... Don't you know you'll always be my little one? In my heart even if not on my lips!

Dale was the greeter. He was very proud of his title and name tag. 

And here is my soon to be Junior.....Oh My! The new driver in the family. I think you're doing just fine my little bird!

The next day we made the long trip home....Here we are celebrating mother's day at a stop we made at Cracker Barrel. I sure do love being mom to this crew. What a tremendous gift!

And since I couldn't catch him for a head shot the day before... Here I am with Jalen my 14 year old. He is A tender hearted young man...Who I might add is going into High School! Life is changing at stupendous speeds!
And the girls got to give Micah some smooches. It was a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather and gorgeous views. 

Nothing like a family wedding to make you get all weepy and sentimental. It's good though. I just don't want to think about how soon it may be happening to me. So I won't. Not today. Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow. Or Maybe not.


  1. What a beautiful post! Still can't believe that I didn't get to see you. :-(

  2. Interesting-Lamar still knows Janelle as "his little one"!


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