Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring break... How I love thee!

I know these posts are few and far between.
I haven't had the energy or time to post but since we are on spring break I have been a crafty bee.

I'm getting ready to host a shower for my oldest nephew and his soon to be bride this weekend.
They are sweet and in love.
I love to see the paths my precious ones are taking.

For the theme I decided to go with "Love birds".
Since it's spring and they are in love. It makes sense to have all things love, nests, and birds.
So in thematic form I painted this for them.

Shhh. Don't tell.
I hope they don't blog on here this week. :)
I will try to post more shower pictures next week.

And I still needed to finish my Nieces wedding gift from November.
Finally I got to it.

I love the way it turned out.

I am busy with the family this week.
Biking 12 miles yesterday... to the pretzel shop, ping pong tournaments, sleeping in, crafting, Eating out, shopping and tomorrow we go to the air museum. I should say the boys are. The females are opting out for some retail therapy. :0

It's been a wonderful week of relaxed days and evenings.

I wish it could last a month.
But hollah for 7 more weeks of school!!


  1. Oh my word...you must teach me how to make paintings/signs like this. Looooooove them!!!!


  2. Awwhhh! Thanks Jamie! I will have to Take pictures along the way... I've really been getting into mod podge as well.

  3. Rose, I know just the sweet lovebirds you speak of! Won't be long now till you make a trip east! :-)

    Beautiful creations you have made!

  4. Aha! The pretzel shop? Us, too! Including the treasure hunt up and down and all around before heading down the street for Hawaiian ice.

    Fun stuff for mamas. :)

    Happy spring, Rose.


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