Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sophia's birthday

Sophia had a birthday a few months ago.

I had so much fun thinking up a theme and making little fun treats.

I had a candy table along with cupcakes topped with cotton candy poofs.
Because we all know that 6 little girls need extra sugar when they come to a sleepover party.
Lots of giggles and squealing.

I sure do LOVE that face!

I saw this cute little paper doll chain on Martha Stewart's website. So I copied it.

Dad explaining the ground rules... and how Snickers, the dog, will not hurt anyone... because there were a couple who thought they may get eaten by our beast of a Yorkie. But alas everyone survived and the frightened girls grew to love Snicker's so much they wanted to take her home.
Good job policemen Jason.

And here are the little faces.
What a trip they were!
It sure is fun to be 9 and have friends to share it with!

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