Monday, April 23, 2012

Love Birds

Over Easter I hosted a bridal shower for the 2nd one in my family to get married in a year.
Both getting married to beautiful brides from the south.
We are happy for them. But sad they are moving so far away. :(

The theme of the shower was "Love Birds".

The table was set in birds, nests and houses.

The white Chocolate Popcorn went over well. It is simply popped corn drizzled with white Chocolate. It is scrumptious.

The painting below was the inspiration for the party. If you are on pinterest, I am sure you may have seen the birds sitting on the wire picture. I took this idea and painted the birds. Then I decoupaged torn scrapbook paper onto the sides of the painting. I used gold and blue paint to fill in. It was part of our gift to the love birds.

The cupcakes were made from a lava cake mix box. It Had chocolate whip in the middle and real whipped cream on top.
I had the kids help me decorate our dollar birdhouses. They painted theirs and I mod podged mine. I Made a little banner of bakers twine and teeny tiny triangle pieces and glued it across the front of the bird house. That table cloth? I picked up 2 matching curtains from goodwill. I Heart the fabric so much!

These are ceramic birds sitting on nests of moss. I painted the clay pots. 2 different sizes and the larger one turned upside down. I super glued them together to give height to the nest.
Below is a closer look.

Here I am with the lovely bride to be.
What fun to be young and in love and anticipating the rest of your life with the one you have chosen!

Lauren wanted to have a bed and bath shower.
I was a little surprised because I figured she may not realize what she is asking for... these aunts of Anthonys? Everyone was very polite,

One aunt put in a little extra spice. I had to post this picture because of Dale's expression! I think it is just priceless!
We are so excited to come celebrate your marriage Lauren and Anthony!


  1. Awww, what a wonderful shower for sweet Lauren! Can I tell you how weird it is to see you and her together?? My blog world colliding with my real world! HA!

  2. Very beautiful! Love all the birds and birdhouses!!! You are a great host. <3 Heather

  3. Yes Kathy! That does seem so weird!:) But in a good way! Looking forward to meeting you next month!
    Thank you Miss Heather!


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