Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas.. I know it's past... but here's my pictures

I have become a little lax in the blogging area of my life.

But it's because I'm doing important things...
Like raising a family and tending to my husband and friends.

I do want to remember back to Christmas and post some pictures.

We had a very nice relaxing Christmas.
In our in between house.

We spent lots of days reading, playing games until late and sleeping in.

We hosted Christmas with those of my family that live around here and were not in Florida. They came in the evening... We played games and watched a movie. It was nice.

This is our Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas has become easier as the kids have gotten older. They can help prepare the dinner. I was actually just stating this to my family as I was pouring the Alfredo sauce onto the Fettuccine and oppsy daisy... the hot sauce spilled all over my hand as the pot slipped from my grasp. It was a little ouchy to say the least.

Here I am Faking a smile with an ice pack on my injured hand.

And the boys are sure loving each least for the moment~:)

After we rang in Christmas... Which is a tradition we do... We had each of the kids read a portion of Luke 2. Here is Jalen reading his verses.

And Miss Sophia just started Piano lessons taught by her big sis 1 month before Christmas. Here she is playing Rudolph the Red nose reindeer. Her mini recital for us.

And the stockings all hung by the chimney with care.

Micah had been needing a new Bible.

Here are my sweet things...All in a row On Christmas morning.

My little one.

The sun was shining all bright and glorious on Christmas.
It was warm enough we barely needed coats for Church.

We are thankful for the blessings of spending one more year together.
It is all I could ever ask for.

Healthy Family and shelter and food.

I feel blessed indeed.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A cleaning tip

I had a huge mistake happen a few weeks back.

I'm not going to tell you the full version of this tale because I don't want to bore you and basically I am not very proud of my blunder.
But I had a huge spill happen in my bedroom.

I have never been so obsessed with getting a stain out of a carpet as I have this.
It's in a very conspicuous place AND we are renting.
Now trust me the carpet does have plenty of stains but to know I caused it makes me SICK!

I spilled a brand new bottle of somewhat...over the top...unusually high priced shampoo.
Because my hair was not looking as healthy as I wanted it to...and because my husband was throwing a party for my 40th and I wanted to make an attempt at fixing it. (So maybe it IS his fault) no... Unfortunately I get all the credit for this stain.

Every time I wash my hair I think about the stain.
It's haunting me like a BAD burrito!

So guess what.

I have scrubbed.
Rented a steamer.
Had my mom come and scrub it with her fool proof stain out concoction.
But still I see it.
It glows in the dark.
Well okay so that's my imagination.

On Pinterest I saw a solution for getting out stains.
So I decided to try it.

It's 1 part ammonia to 1 part hot water.
Mix this and pour in a spray bottle.
Spray heavily over spot that you want to clean.
And then lay a towel over spot and steam with iron.
This is what the spot looked like before.

It stinks like crazy cakes!!
But let it steam a bit.
After 6 applications my spot looks like this.

I may keep trying to get the remainder out but I think it looks so much better!
If I didn't have 4000 sq feet of carpet in this house I may think of trying it on other spots throughout the house but for today I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

It's not gone.
But it certainly is lighter!!

Woo Hoo! That makes my day!
Is that weird?
I know!
It's just how I roll!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grown up Cheesy Chicken Croissants

Do you have a "go to meal".

When my kids were little this was made at least every other week.

Cheesy Chicken Croissants.

It was so easy and I knew they would eat it without fuss.

Well this week I decided to make it again because

1. I was feeling a need to be affirmed in the kitchen.
2. I didn't have time to make grilled chicken.
3. Because I had everything on hand.

But I made it with a twist.

I added leftover ham and bacon to it....Yes. I. Did.

So here it is.
I'll call it...
Grown up Cheesy Chicken Croissants

2 cans of croissants
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1/4 cup Sour cream
1/2 cup milk
3/4 Cup diced cooked ham
1 pint of cooked chicken and the broth
1 8 oz cheddar cheese...shredded
1/2 lb baked bacon( I bake this on a baking sheet in the oven while my casserole bakes. For like 15 minutes)
Place your croissants on bottom of 9 x 13 baker

Mix soups,sour cream,milk,ham,chicken in a bowl and pour over the croissants.

Bake for 40 min at 350.
Take out of oven and put cheese and crumbled bacon on top. Bake for 5 more minutes.
It's really very good.

And your family may love it as much as mine does.