Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Year...A new beginning

Over Christmas I had some moments to just enjoy my time at home. With all that extra time along with being inspired in all areas of craftiness and food from my new love...pinterest.... I ended up making a couple of new things for relatively very little cost.

First I made some new pictures.

Because I love cherry blossoms.

And then I found these cute little glass dishes at the dollar store.

For a dollar a piece.

I painted it glued them together and lookie there a little pop of color for my mantel.

And then one of my favorite verses.

On canvas where we can remind ourselves of this every day.

My feet + the little ones hands + a heart = A powerful exhortation from Micah 6:8

And here is one of many of the new tasty treats I have been trying.

Here's the link to this delicious cake.

It has been a month full of inspirations and change.
A new year.
A milestone birthday.
What does the next decade have for me?

I don't know but I know sometimes I just need an outlet and I think that is why the surge of crafty projects.
Someday I may get brave enough to share with you some of the songs I've been working on writing. I'm not gonna lie... Sharing a recipe makes me a lot less vulnerable. Not that this has stopped me before. I'm guessing sometimes my vulnerability is scary to read. Trust me it's scary on this end too.

I have been reevaluating much.
I am not sure where it's all going to lead but of course I have lots of thoughts swarming my brain.
Life has been very colorful for us and it seems like just when I think I've got a handle on it....
There is another turn.
I'm hoping for a few years of tranquility.
But I'm not placing any money on it.
So for today I give you this inspiration and I address it to myself first...

And being around these guys makes it a whole lot of fun too!


  1. I love your creativity, Rose. :) I also have this verse posted in my kitchen, but it's printed out in big letters on Neon Yellow Paper, so I see it every time I'm at the sink. :) I like your approach to it much better. :)


  2. Wow girl. Come to my house n fix me up. Some of us lack on the creative side of our brain. Well I think I am sometimes and then I look around.uh then no. So sell it rose. Sell your stuff.

  3. Love the art/crafts! And needed that inspirational saying. You are amazing!


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