Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A crafty project

Since our move there was a window that was exposed to the world.

It was my kitchen window. And I stand at this window All.The.Time.

I am sure everyone passing by loved to see me in all forms...
In my bathrobe. With my hair twisted up in a towel.
One friend mentioned she saw me washing dishes last night.

It was a a thorn in my side.

I eventually decided to figure something out for myself. This is unusual. I am very dependent on Jason for these kinds of fixer upper jobs. I don't like drills and screw guns and measurements. I like to eyeball a project and have it done within minutes.

So I saw a picture of a cafe curtain and decided that would do the trick!

I went out to buy my suspension rod and hooks. But couldn't find a cute curtain.
So you know what I did?

I found some cloth napkins on clearance. 4 napkins for $5.
I got some clips. Hung 2 napkins per window pane.
And ta da! My curtain was ready to hang.

Just so simple.

And yet so private!

The best part? It all can be taken with me when I go.
And perhaps I can use those napkins as napkins one day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saturday morning bliss

What a great morning.
No where to go.
Love Saturdays like this!
We woke up with the sun. Which rises late in January.
And then out of the blue my eighth grader says... I wanna make something for breakfast.
Wow! Alrighty then!
Okay how about some pancakes?
How about these cinnamon roll pancakes like we had a IHOP last weekend?

And so we made these.

Pancakes from this girls blog
Which were amazing!

And then I had some of the cinnamon glaze left so I used it up in my buttermilk cookies this afternoon.
It was almost as good.
I just made buttermilk cookies and swirled the cinna-sugar glaze on them and baked.
And then I made more cream cheese frosting to add to the flavor.

In the evening we made pretzels.

We used up some more of the cinna-sugar-butter ontop of the the pretzels. Swirling that sugar right into the pretzel.
It was like a giant piece of breaded delight!
Do you want my pretzel recipe?
I still have some of that cinna glaze left.

Maybe I should try it on toast in the morning!!

In other news and notes we took our kids to a live concert last night....
Which consisted of a rockus time.
It was great!

And loud!
It was called Winter Jam...With Kari Jobe, Newsong, Peter Ferlick, 429,Sanctus real, and Skillet.
Skillet was a stretch for these old ears but with my plugs I faired okay.

And they were quite the entertainers.
The best thing was looking over and seeing my musical sons in the height of bliss.
And I loved being a part of their first real concert.

I sure will miss them when they grow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As I was listening to this today I thought maybe somebody else needs to know how much they have been forgiven. I love the grace that is poured out on all who receive it. And Jesus wants us to know we don't need to live comparing ourselves to each other or living with other insecurities.If you have the time this is well worth the listen!


Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Year...A new beginning

Over Christmas I had some moments to just enjoy my time at home. With all that extra time along with being inspired in all areas of craftiness and food from my new love...pinterest.... I ended up making a couple of new things for relatively very little cost.

First I made some new pictures.

Because I love cherry blossoms.

And then I found these cute little glass dishes at the dollar store.

For a dollar a piece.

I painted it glued them together and lookie there a little pop of color for my mantel.

And then one of my favorite verses.

On canvas where we can remind ourselves of this every day.

My feet + the little ones hands + a heart = A powerful exhortation from Micah 6:8

And here is one of many of the new tasty treats I have been trying.

Here's the link to this delicious cake.

It has been a month full of inspirations and change.
A new year.
A milestone birthday.
What does the next decade have for me?

I don't know but I know sometimes I just need an outlet and I think that is why the surge of crafty projects.
Someday I may get brave enough to share with you some of the songs I've been working on writing. I'm not gonna lie... Sharing a recipe makes me a lot less vulnerable. Not that this has stopped me before. I'm guessing sometimes my vulnerability is scary to read. Trust me it's scary on this end too.

I have been reevaluating much.
I am not sure where it's all going to lead but of course I have lots of thoughts swarming my brain.
Life has been very colorful for us and it seems like just when I think I've got a handle on it....
There is another turn.
I'm hoping for a few years of tranquility.
But I'm not placing any money on it.
So for today I give you this inspiration and I address it to myself first...

And being around these guys makes it a whole lot of fun too!