Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well today is my Chocolate Cake give away!!

I decided today to do something I haven't done before!

I wanted you all to win so much that I decided I am not drawing this time.

I am going to make you all winners!!!!!

That's right!
I think you deserve a little treat for being such great moms, sisters, daughters, friends and faithful readers. You are loved!

So I made each of you a mini cake!!

And I will deliver it promptly.
I have the cakes made and will have them to your dwelling places within 24 hours!
I'm like fed ex that way.

SO happy day to you my little winners!

Next week I'm giving away my carmel candy.
This is open to anyone because they mail well.

So long and good day!


  1. Oh, my word!! Are you kidding me?? My family will love you.

    And bless you for finding the time to bless us this way.


  2. Seriously, you're delivering to Traverse City???
    I'll be sure to leave the house open for you! :)

  3. Heh heh! Funny girl:) I will bake you a cake! Why don't you bring your little family over and I'll make you an entire meal! And give you a bed to sleep in:) And fix you breakfast in the morning!


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