Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wedding Bells at Christmas time

Well how do I tell you about last weekend without writing a book.

Our niece had her wedding.
O boy did she ever.

It was a grand event with 500 people to serve.

She did such a fantastic job organizing and letting her assistants know what she wanted. It all came together so beautifully.

And more importantly she married a man who loves Jesus. And her.

Jason's family stayed with us.
It was such a treat to be able to host them.

Here are many of the cousins...whoever we could round up at a moments notice...and tie down and make smile...
What a stunning group~ Proud of you guys~

Family of the bride...Jason's brother,and his ladies.

These little guys had a very important job...

And they were very concerned about doing it properly.
They were fabulous!

The happy couple~ Sharon and Mark.

These next pictures were snapped at the reception.
Cousins having a great time serving and just in general messin' around.

Sophie, Erin and Katie

The thinkers...Micah and James

Jalen and Mitch...nope not twins or even brothers. Just cousins. But I have always thought they look alike.

Anthony and Tori serving up some sweets.

Z and her daddy. My lone bro-in-law.

Here I am with my groom.
Seems like we just did all this a few days ago...wait! 18 years? That's nutty~

More sweet treats with a sweet heart...Mikayla

And my pretty girl. With her buddy and cousin Neil.

Our kids love Sharon.
She has been our built in sitter for like 7 years. And when she would sit for us she would never fail to bring a large group with her.
I have many memories of coming home to a house full of kids. And I loved it!
And so did our kids!
They hope this whole marriage thing won't be the death of all that :)

So Micah got up at open mic and told the masses how much he loved when Sharon came over and his parents got out of the house.
Well it sure is nice to know they were in good hands.

More pretty faces at the wedding.

Rindy and below is Janae and Justin.

What a beautiful start to a new journey together.
I think you deserve each other!
And I'm so very glad you found each other!
We love you Sharon and Mark!


  1. Thanks Rose for the pictures. Could have just spent a lot more time looking at more pic's. Was looking for aunts Alicia and Zonyna also. But I know you can't show all the pictures at one time. But Thanks again!!

    Aunt Mary K.

  2. Awhh Thanks for leaving your comment Aunt Mary! Yes I wish I could've put more on as well. They were here and we did have a great time together. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

  3. OK here is a comment I won't just look and run this time! Love the pictures, great memories!


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