Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids...They make me smile!

I love watching people.

Especially little people.

Like last night.
I was supposed to be singing in the choir. We are preparing for our Christmas musical. I'm sorry to admit that every once in awhile I just observed what was going on around me. Especially while our director was working with the orchestra. I figured it wasn't really important that I pay attention how to play the gong or violin during measure 34. So I zoned in on the little one who had already finished her practice and was patiently sitting there watching us with her little face perched between her hands. I smiled and then noticed a little boy was peeking around the bench at her. She didn't see him right away and that seemed to encourage him to creep around the side and slowly slide onto the bench quite some distance away. I watched him as he inched closer until she spotted him. At that point he wasn't exactly sure what action he should take. I could see he wanted to say something to her but I was far enough away I couldn't make out what he was saying...And then I saw him slide over right beside her and show her something in his mouth. Oh wait...Is that a wiggly tooth little fellow? Yes. I see my little one nod and acknowledge that it was indeed a loose tooth. She smiled and I could see she was saying something to satisfy him.
And then that was it. He just slid on down the bench again smiling all the while.
Interaction over.

I smiled as I refrained from chuckling out loud. I was imagining adults doing that to each other.

"Hey look at my tongue..see what I can do with it? I can roll it left or right."
"Can you wiggle your ear? I can. Watch this."
"I got a blister on my toe..wanna see it?"
I love the honesty and uninhibitedness of children.
But I think if you tried that on me as another adult I may have a few questions of my own.

It's not a day when I have a lot of extra thoughts with that little story.

I just thought it was funny and wanted to share it with someone. :)

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Tomorrow I will post some pictures of some projects I've been working on.

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